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  1. I believe that these are just replacing the previous RWB alts
  2. The alternates by A&M "Man, everybody hates that primeknit but we are really proud of it...what can we do to show it off?" "I got an idea..." +1 for giant logo on the hip This is really bad. I get Adidas figured out how to get two colors, make the tire treads a different color, but black? that looks really dumb, not to mentions the helmet looks off color and even the jersey looks a little more red than maroon. I would like for this to never see the light of day.
  3. Dr Pepper Ballpark, Frisco, Tx - Roughriders Dell Diamond, Round Rock, Tx - Express
  4. Here let me see that when you're done. I forgot to do my homework as well. Don't worry, I'll change it up.
  5. Here is some things that I have noticed during the season so far. I didn't really notice until watching the game last night, but it seems that A&M has the raised/3d Logos for the Batting Helmets as well. It also appears that the Logo has a beveled A and M as well Another thing that I have noticed, and again not sure when the change happened, but it appears that the maroon bevel on the hats has gone silver which looks very nice in my opinion.
  6. TCU unveils "Nike Vapor" uniform set for 2017
  7. For me the ones that got me into actually becoming interested in logos and team identity was defiantly Nike's Pro Combat Series they did for NCAA
  8. SIAP but the Senior Bowl has a multi-year agreement with adidas.
  9. I didn't see a thread on this in the first 3 pages, but Adidas just unveiled some throwbacks for a couple teams.
  10. WV has had grey alts in the past, and were part of Nike's Pro Combats back in 09 if I remember correctly (personally my favorite of the Pro Combats) and they had a new helmet this year in the season opener. And it might me Nike coming to them with alts, and Dana or AD saying No.
  11. I thought they did, but my quick google search didn't show anything but concepts and old black unis that weren't in the tire tread template. Oh well, expect an update to them then. Maybe adidas wont screen-print all the numbers and stripes so we don't have to look at all the slashes.
  12. Couple things: A&M Coaches night in Dallas, Sumlin said they were doing Throwback uniforms again. So let the speculation begin. Also Miss. St. releases some type of schedule that tells the crowd what colors to wear at home. Well the day they play A&M its listed as wearing BLACK. So it looks like MS is getting a new black uni.
  13. this was posted last night so this is tonight
  14. time to change the number to 00 for Funhaus as they dropped below 1mil. And need a one off /\ jersey.
  15. I like the complete appleball, the bite reminds me of the apple logo.
  16. I like it. It's a weird mash-up to me. When I think of NASCAR, I think of the South. When I think of Hockey, I think of the North. That alone intrigues me.
  17. I'm one of the few who liked the grey stripe on the pants (and the grey pants for that matter) and the white facemasks on the maroon helmet (to me) looks better than the grey facemasks of current. AND THE BIG LETTERS. Also something about the simple, clean look for baylor in the all white. I like it.