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  1. Rampage, The Rams mascot is repeatedly posted on Twitter and other social media wearing the throwback uniforms.
  2. Now the Broncos are probably shifting their focus to Kaepernick who apparently was their Plan B if Osweiler couldn't be resigned.
  3. Chase Daniel agrees to terms with the Eagles. I'm actually hope he beats out Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez (if the Eagles keep him) to become the starting QB. I've liked him ever since I saw him play for the Redskins in the '09 preseason.
  4. Cardinals Spring Training hat looks great. I'd love to see it blue with a red bill.
  5. Dexter Fowler had an agreement with the Orioles then turned around and resigned with the Cubs. He's definitely the most hated Orioles player who never actually played for the Orioles
  6. I had always seen Stewart as someone who would drive nothing but a Chevy. I thought that's why he decided to leave Gibbs when the switched to Toyota. I wonder how much input Stewart actually had in this decision.
  7. I was hoping Truex would've just said "f--- it" and slammed the hell outta Hamlin to win. Although, I'm happy for Hamlin.
  8. Well, Chase Elliott wrecked EDIT: same deal with Jr...
  9. Not sure if this is really unpopular, but I love pullover baseball jerseys
  10. I'm liking the new graphics being used. Especially when they show the car number, driver, RPM, MPH, throttle, and brake and compare one driver to another.
  11. Boy does Ricky Stenhouse Jr suck... He was 24th out of 25 when he and Hamlin were maybe 2 seconds behind the lead pack when he spun out and hit Hamlin. Someone remind me why he's in the Sprint Cup Series. He has done nothing note worthy.
  12. Brian Vickers will be the replacement driver for the #14 at Daytona
  13. Matt Forte was informed that the Bears will not attempt to re-sign him in free agency
  14. NASCAR announces a charter system that will allow 36 teams a guaranteed spot in each race for the Sprint Cup series. There will also be 4 spots up for grabs TBD via normal qualifying standards. This means there will only be 40 positions in every race. Charters were given based on each teams performance from 2013-15. Charter teams are as followed: http://www.nascar.com/en_us/news-media/articles/2016/2/9/nascar-36-charter-teams-list.html One thing you'll noticed is the 19 of Carl Edwards and 41 of Kurt Busch are missing. Joe Gibbs Racing and Stewart-Haas Racing will most likely purchase Michael Waltrip Racing's charters to guarantee the 19 and 41 spots. The Woods Brothers 21 is also missing. They will likely have to be one of the 4 teams fighting for a spot each week.
  15. Didn't know exactly where to put this, but the new CBS graphics unveiled for Superbowl 50 were LEAGUES ahead of their previous graphics.
  16. So with Tony Stewart having to miss the start if the season, who is subbing for him? Personally, I'd love to see Jeff Gordon hop in the 14 for one last race, but it could likely be a number of other candidates. Possibly Elliott Sadler now that he's with JR Motorsports?
  17. One of my biggest pet peeves is kickers and punters wearing 90-99. Although in the same thought, defensive players wearing single digits doesn't bother me. I'd love to see more linebackers and even DEs wear 30-49. It's something about that number range I really like.
  18. Thanks for the clear up. These concepts are pretty exceptional.
  19. I noticed you said you made a custom number font for your Mailers concept so I decided to take a look. I'm hoping this is pure coincidence. For one, yours is computerized and mine is handrawn, but it looks eerily similar to my font (specifically my 5) I used for my concept from a few weeks ago. I apologize if it's against the rules to post this, but I'd like to get things cleared up. Hell, it might be me over thinking.
  20. Not as much as uniform as it is number selection... I'm watching the Senior Bowl and noticed an LSU player on the South team's number was 0. My first thought was "Man, that's really odd to see" but then I thought it was actually pretty unique and cool to see. I wouldn't mind seeing more college players being able to wear 0. Although if I remember, wasn't 0 and 00 "outlawed"?
  21. Sad to see the Redskins have only one appearance compared to five
  22. Great job! My favorite sets are Minnesota and Washington. I've always wanted to see gold pants for the Vikings. As for Washington it's my favorite Redskins redesign. It's unique and I haven't see a concept like that on these boards before. 8.5/10 on everything.
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