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  1. Great job on the World Baseball Cup concept series Raysox! Love the history of each World Cup you have spun. Only you can come up a massive plot like WBC. Crisp clean designs from the logos, to the jerseys and hats. But a huge shoutout for the amazing qualifications and finals tables with simple looking shadowed flags. A beautiful touch mate. Wish I thought of those for my own personal project. You definitely know how to take a concept and blow it out the water.
  2. Maybe if Western countries started to put serious economic sanctions on countries who support ISIS, there won't beIt's not the issue of countries supporting ISIS, it's western world countries who sit idly back while the Qatari government gets away with slave labour, not paying their workers for months on end, having them live in slums with 5-7 people per room, confiscating their passports so they can't leave, and having the worst safety record on construction sights with ZERO oversight and care about the deaths of migrant workers. Many journalists write these big expose iase on the state of construction within Qatar, and some politicians say a few things how they condemn Qataris for doing this when they are trying to get something else passed. But nothing really happens.
  3. Nicely done on the Rangers kits. I really like the maroon-wine red third kits. I take you have the FIFA 15 PC version so that you can upload custom kits and crests?
  4. I was wondering if this board has the ability to embed Twitter posts into board posts. I found BB code that uses the [Tweet]ID[/Tweet] but when I try it here on CCSLC it doesn't embed the tweet. Any suggestions?
  5. As for you ram80, you're a troll and nothing more... As with you CS85, you are a troll and nothing more...
  6. I have done alot since the tragedy on Tuesday in trying to make a small difference through the unit I belong to. And it's not childish when bullying keeps going on this board day after day. But most of these children on this board wouldn't have the balls to pull some of these stunts if they were in person.
  7. Only a really good speculation. With both times moderators had to get involved with your childish and hijacking remarks, they deleted your posts and posted in those threads stating the rules. Only really thought the moderators might have warned you on both those occasions. But I can see nothing has changed.
  8. I understand that. It's why I went in and removed all discussion re: the gun control debate. It started before we even knew the identity of the shooter, much less how he obtained the firearm. I didn't want rampant uninformed speculation to turn into an argument that would eclipse the the actual events taking place. We do try to keep things on topic and nip problems that can derail a story and legitimate line of discussion in the bud when we think our involvement is needed. I agree entirely. And I see no reason why we cannot honour his sacrifice as a community in the thread dedicated to the tragedy in which he lost his life. As Mockba stated, we're tasked by the administration with the smooth running of the boards. That includes merging threads dedicated to the same topic. And Cpl. Cirillo's sacrifice fit the purview of an existing topic. Your post wasn't deleted or altered in any way. It was simply moved to an established thread where the majority of the user base would be looking for information regarding Ottawa shootings. Information that includes anything on the arrangements for, and honouring of, Cpl. Cirillo. I understand that there is a knee-jerk reaction to seeing a topic you started suddenly gone with no explanation. A quick check in the Ottawa shootings thread would have cleared up what happened. Again, nothing was deleted or edited. Just moved for the sake of keeping the board running smoothly with as few duplicate threads as possible. Actually that was the first place I looked was in the Ottawa Parliament Shootings thread and noticed buried. Yes I know it was not altered or deleted but that is not the point. Thanks Ice_Cap for the cleanup of that thread. And for all the naysayers, maybe you would act the same way if you truly felt like I do with the death of Nathan Cirillo and trying to show a little humility and honor to him through a independent thread based on his funeral procession. Because here in Canada this doesn't happen much, losing a military member. We have a small military (55,000 total) and whenever we lose someone through killed in action (Afghanistan), suicides and now this act of cowardice (including Warrant Officer Vincent by a hit and run last weekend). But maybe down in the States everyone is so numb and oblivious to when it happens to your military members that it doesn't register anymore. But that is not my concern, my concern was wanting to tell people of the touching event of Friday. And I give two :censored:s about ram80's views. Both ram80 and CS85 have now repeatably hijacked my thread posts (in numerous threads now pushing their own childish views. ram80 was already warned twice on this matter and to stop posting in threads that does not interest him just to start an argument. But as you can see the warning means on here. Same goes with CS85. All the warnings in the world will not change these bullies attitudes.
  9. Unfortunately, I was not asking for your opinion on the matter CS85. This is not a bit. I just want answer to my question from the moderator. I feel passionate about this matter because of my profession and deserve an answer because it's disrespectful Wow...real mature!
  10. Why is so hard for the moderator who moved my post to give me the true explanation? I work on facts (through my job) and just want the honest facts.
  11. Easy to explain by your views you expressed in International Football on stating that Serbia needs to be banned from European competitions due to their racist supporters. Even though there is a small select group of racists among the Serbian national team supporters group, you personally kept pushing your narrow mindedness and racist views on IanC and others who viewed those posts, that all Serbian are the same: 1. We're less than a generation removed from fairly widespread attempts on the part of Serbs to wage genocide upon several of their neighbors. 2. If there is any apparent sorrow on the part of the Serbs about point 1, its that they failed to achieve their goals. 3. Pretty much everytime you look, you see the Serb fans practicing some form of racial/ethnic intimidation. You were told by IanC "you were wrong to accuse every person in Serbia who attends a football match to be a racist as you are doing. You are pigeonholing everyone to be the same and thats not true. You accusing everyone from a region to be all classed the same is unjust and utterly wrong because of a minority might be." Your comments are that of xenophobia coming straight out in your comments and that is stemmed from racist and discriminatory personal views. I am not making more of an issue than it has to be, I am just wanting an explanation from the moderator who did it. Nothing more!
  12. Those are legitimate excuses. You're taking this way too seriously. Well you might think I am taking this way too seriously but once you find something that lights a fire in you then maybe you would do the same thing.Does the RCN ban blogs? If not, a blog might be the platform for you, as it gives you the control over the discussion and commentary that you so crave. This is what I am talking about, bullys and racist pigs like rams80 interjecting into topics that has nothing to do with him. Get bent! As for posting about Cpl Dirillo's funeral procession, I posted this because there are both Canadian and Americans on this message board. And I wanted to let everyone know about this touching and endearing event for us Canadians. But like usual, there is a select group of closed-minded people on this board who believe that if it doesn't have to do with the USA or even interests them in anyway, they have the right and privilege to bully other people. Don't think many of these people would do the same if they were in front of that person they are bullying...
  13. Well I guess so...I was looking for answers from the actual moderator who moved my thread topic to a topic which was full of bull :censored: and nothing to do with my topic post. I thanked Ice_Cap for his honesty and candidness, I never said anything otherwise to this matter to Ice_Cap. He at least he talked to me about this matter, even though he wasn't the moderator in question. But what i am tired of is the so called "veterans" on the board (10,000+ post) who always think they know what's best with this message board, bullying people with less amount of posts on a regular basis - even hijacking their thread topics to show disgust toward those topics because they are the "veterans" and know what's right and wrong. But the moderators never intervene on that. But I digress.... Like I said from the original question I posted in this thread, I was looking for answers from the actual moderator who moved my thread topic to a topic which was full of bull :censored: and nothing to do with my topic post.
  14. Those are legitimate excuses. You're taking this way too seriously. Well you might think I am taking this way too seriously but once you find something that lights a fire in you then maybe you would do the same thing.
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