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  1. Happy birthday and great job on the series, it's been a pleasure to follow along. Since I'm from Croatia, Zagreb was my most anticipated team and I like the concept but I do have some minor issues. I love the concept of the team and the logo (by the way great job on the "R" and "P", it worked out nicely). I'm also kinda tired of the checkerboard design but I do feel that given the context it would fit better on the flag. And I have to fix a grammar mistake, it should be: CENTIMETAR PO CENTIMETAR although I don't think I ever actually heard anyone say that phrase ever. We would say MIC PO MIC which means something like "slow and steady" or "baby steps".
  2. All of these are fantastic but New Orleans is my favorite so far. Great series, keep it up.
  3. It always bugged me a little bit that the top and the bottom of the "d" on the original logo wasn't symmetrical. It never occured to me that it could form a Z. As far as pitching a new logo to the club goes, I'm not a graphic designer (just a guy with a lot of free time on his hands) so I wouldn't know how one would even go about doing something like that but I agree that it would be cool.
  4. Thank you. Yeah, it's hard to come up with something new for Dinamo and Hajduk that doesn't include a checkerboard. Oh and Juve was an inspiration for Dinamo for sure.
  5. Yay, we made it! Here's a recap of all the logos and kits: Thank you all for liking, commenting and following. I hope you had fun following along. I sure had fun making this concept and I'm really happy with the end result.
  6. NK Šibenik was founded in 1932. The club played 1. HNL for 12 consecutive years, from 1992 until 2003. They returned to 1. HNL in 2006 but were relegated to 2. HNL in 2012. Since then the club has played 2. HNL and 3. HNL. Currently, the club is in 1st place of 2. HNL and will probably be promoted to 1. HNL at the end of the season. The club's historic colors are orange and black.
  7. NK Varteks Varaždin was founded in 1931. under the name NK Slavija. The name Varteks was adopted in 1958. after a local tailoring company (VARTEKS - VARaždin TEKStil) became the main sponsor of the club. Since then the clubs nickname is "The Tailors". Varteks played in 1. HNL since it's beggining in 1991. until 2012. when they got into serious financial troubles and were relegated to the lowest tier (7. HNL). As a result of that, hardcore supportrs of the club founded their own club under the same name. (NK Varteks) In 2013., after some, in my opinion, really shady politics between the Croatian Football Federation and the club's new management, now renamed Varaždin Škola Nogometa (Varaždin School of Football) started playing 3. HNL. In 2015. the club changed it's name to NK Varaždin and are currently playing 1. HNL. NK Varteks (the supporters club) is currently playing 3. HNL. For this concept I'm combining the two clubs under one name again. The new logo should be kinda obvious with the whole tailor thing. The kit colors are the historic colors of the club.
  8. Mladost Sigetec was founded in 1949. They are a local amateur club (their field is less than 200 meters from my house) and are currently playing in 5. HNL which is the highest division the club has ever played. Their nickname is "the blue-whites". There are a lot of clubs named Mladost in Croatia so I decided to change the name to just Sigetec. (Although some would say that I couldn't come up with anything to incorporate the letters M and S, don't listen to them) The inspiration for the logo and the home kit came from an old pin from the 25th anniversary of the club. The away kit is based on a beautiful yellow shirt the club was wearing about 15 years ago. (I don't have a picture but I remember it very well.) Fun fact: The club's current logo was made by me 10 years ago.
  9. NK Osijek was founded in 1947. It is one of the four clubs that have never been relegated from 1. HNL along with Dinamo Zagreb, Hajduk Split and NK Rijeka.
  10. Slaven Belupo was founded in 1907. They have been playing in 1. HNL continuously since 1997. Slaven Belupo is the most successful club in the history of the UEFA Intertoto Cup. The 2nd most successful soccer club in Koprivnica is NK Koprivnica which is essentially Slaven Belupo's B squad. For this concept I'm combining the 2 teams under one name. The city of Koprivnica is the capital of the Podravina region who's main symbol is the rooster which was the inspiration for the new logo.
  11. Aaaand we're back. Hajduk Split was founded in 1911. Along with Dinamo Zagreb it's the most successful and the most popular soccer club in Croatia. Hajduk has been playing in 1. HNL since it's beginning and has 6 league titles. Hajduk's traditional home colors are white shirt, blue shorts and blue socks which symbolizes white sails on the blue sea. The away shirt traditionally has red and blue vertical stripes but I decided to go with gray which has been used as the 3rd kit in recent years. I should also mention that Hajduk is my favorite soccer club.
  12. Marsonia was founded in 1909. During the early 1990's and 2000's the club played in 1. HNL. Currently, Marsonia is playing in 3. HNL.
  13. NK Rijeka was founded in 1946. They have been playing 1. HNL continuously since it's beginning in 1992. In 2017. Rijeka won it's first ever league title ending Dinamo Zagreb's run of 11 successive titles. I like their logo, I just brushed it up a bit and removed some things and obviously recolored it. Not my most creative work but I think it will do.
  14. NK Zagreb's exact year of foundation is unknown. Over the years they have been merging with a lot of different clubs. In 2002. NK Zagreb won 1. HNL becoming the first club to do so other than Dinamo Zagreb or Hajduk Split. They have been playing 1. HNL continuously until 2013. when they were relegated to 2. HNL. Due to financial troubles over the past few years the club has relegated down to 4. HNL in which they are playing today. Their logo is based on the historical crest of the city of Zagreb. I like their logo so I didn't change much, I removed the name and the ball and modified the shield a little.
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