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  1. I like it. Definitely an improvement. I never was a big fan of our flag. The shield is fine but that "zoo" crown should be removed from the flag or we should change it to something like this: My personal favorite is still the proposed flag from croatian designer Boris Ljubičić in 1990.
  2. Gold: 13 Silver: 7 Bronze: 1
  3. Gold: 14 Silver: 28 Bronze: 6
  4. Gold: 36 Silver: 3 Bronze: 6
  5. Very interesting idea. Love the FUSA Games logo. Keep it up.
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to show you the idea behind my new personal logo. Thank you for taking the time to view this topic and as allways, your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.
  7. KC is a abbreviation for city of Koprivnica (it's not Kansas City ) Exactly. Like OS=Osijek, ZG=Zagreb, VG=Velika Gorica etc. Yes. This series would be better if you didn't use stolen logos. Using stolen logos is a bit harsh statement. He did not steal anything (I haven't seen post where he said that this is 100% his work). He's just borrowing stuff, as he clearly said, he doesn't have necessary skills to create logos. I apologize if anyone got offended by me modifying existing logos, that was not my intention. I know this is not an excuse for using logos that are not made by me but since this is a fictional series and it's ment to be for fun I figured it's ok to modify existing logos. If anyone is offended by my modified logos just say the word and I will take them down, no problem. @dado - keep up the good work. I always had this idea in my head and I'm glad you're bringing it to life. There's only one thing. We had AF club here in Rijeka (it did not last long, hope there will be soon again), and we were called Eagles (two headed eagle is a symbol of Rijeka) Thank you for your support. I know that the two headed eagle is a symbol of Rijeka but I didn't know Rijeka had an AF team. Maybe in the future if I do CLAF 2.0 we will see the Rijeka Eagles.
  8. Koprivnica ROOSTERS Koprivnica is the capital and the rooster is the main symbol of the region of Podravina, hence the inspiration for the team.
  9. Gospić SILVERWOLVES The team was inspired by the city of Gospić crest which featuresa silver wolf holding a sword on a red shield.