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  1. Worst has to be Sydney FC. They have a plane on their kits.
  2. I dont understand why they didnt do 4 teams make play offs, playoffs are semi finals and then championship game. Makes no sense.
  3. Majority of the NHL teams are in America, but most of their best players are Canadian All of the CFL teams are in Canada, but most of their best players are American
  4. I hate this logo. More of this overly simplified, clip art-esque crap. Both the logos with the football helmet and the half Maple Leaf logos were good logos that were simple, but had a sort of pizzazz to them. I still love the league, but THIS is really the best you can do?
  5. Arrive. Win Championship. Leave. One of your oldest and most successful franchises leaves after winning your title? I'll get the funeral services ready
  6. I can't find a picture but, I remember the Astros playing a home game against the Cubs at Miller Park after Hurricane Ike.
  7. Rumors are circulating that we may see both the Spokane Shock and Portland Thunder head to the IFL. The ship is sinking quickly...
  8. Bruins vs Habs all day every day
  9. It appears more and more likely with each passing day that both the New Orleans VooDoo and the Las Vegas Outlaws will fold at season's end. This will make 6 teams that have folded in the past 3 years for the AFL, leaving them with only 10 teams. It doesn't look to pretty for the Arena League's future. It's a shame what the league has become since it's end and rebirth in 2008. It used to be a really fun summer fix for the NFL drought a decade or so ago, however the folding and moving of teams along with mismanagement has not been a pretty sight for the league. A new commish comes along and they still manage to have to take ownership of 3 franchises, one of which has a history of decent attendance and has been around for a long time. Things must've gotten pretty dire if they are cancelling actual games for the teams with one in the midst of a playoff hunt. What do you guys say? Do it see this league recovering, making it 2 more years, or will we see the second demise of the AFL?
  10. The Las Vegas Outlaws are in their new uniforms on CBS Sports Network right now and all I have to say is.... good....god... The jersey numbers are a wanted poster.
  11. Seeing Big Z in anything buy a Bruins #33 jersey is really weird