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  1. From 2005 to 2007 this was their color pallete Here are examples of the uniforms Yes,that is an off center hat logo. Combined with that color, it was awful. And yes, that is Matt Cain.
  2. My UO: Yankees pinstripes are the only good pinstripes I dunno. The Cubs and Mets home uniforms would look wrong without them. And I like the White Sox in either black or red pinstripes. I would throw the Twins into that mix as well. Yes, even the Phillies, even though at a distance, as some have mentioned, the red pinstripes make the home uniform look pink.
  3. Not sure if its already been mentioned. Probably has been, but Im not gonna dig thru 30 pages to see... The Flyers logo having two different versions, the standard "round wing" primary, and the jersey crest only "angled wing" primary Just, pick one and roll with it.
  4. Best uniform that team ever wore. Especially the caps.
  5. The Habs white jerseys bother me in their blandness. The Detroit Tigers home uniforms and their complete lack of orange bothers me. The fact that the Tigers and the Yankees insist on having two different monogram logos. The complete lack of gold on the 49ers jerseys bothers me. BUT TURDISHIN!!!!!1111!!!!! Ya ya, doesnt matter. These are things that these teams should fix.
  6. Deer Valley High School in Antioch, CA (the Wolverines) has an original logo.
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