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  1. I was working on making that soccer template just now and it wasn't going well so thanks so much for saving me more trouble!
  2. I hated the US kit at first but I really like it now. The templating we have seen from nike is awful though and I'm guessing we will se plenty more from the clubs.
  3. Interesting that the Austrian flag appears on the German Bundes Liga match ball. ; ) That would be a simplified Berlin city flag but the real one has a bear on it this is ball is just WAY overdone but I love the Bayern kit and will be buying it for sure.
  4. I have my sources... twitter. It is being unveiled on boxing day December 26th. I hope more blue so it doesnt have the Leichester look on a kit. Also: footy headlines just posted it
  5. We have had a little batch of kit news coming already so it seems a good time. Real Madrid home kit is said to look like this with purple adidas stripes on the sides to take inspiration from the 1902 kit. And Barca away. First purple away kit supposedly because their purple training shirt sells well.
  6. Titans, Predators, Vanderbilt, Crew- Geography (Crew is as close as it gets for me and I really wanted to support MLS) My family is from St. Louis (Cardinals) I won't explain USMNT that's obvious My friends from Germany are Bayern fans and influenced me. A friend convinced me to follow Man City.
  7. These look pretty nice! Sorry about your lightning strike, could I ask how it felt though?
  8. I am now working on an 8 team soccer league in NYC
  9. This is my favorite one yet. Glad you kept the wordmarks as those were a big part of who the old team was. I did freak out when I saw the done by name at first but excellent work.
  10. Make a semi-pro soccer league In Alaska- this has come to mind for me a lot.
  11. I get what you're saying. Like I said, I laid down my USA jersey and tried to copy it exactly. I took Daniel Ramone's basketball template as inspiration in parts, but other than that I copied what I saw with a pair of Nike shorts and some socks.Overall it works the same as my old one but with more realistic cuts and shapes. I prefer the boxiness simply because it makes life easier and still looks nice.
  12. I'm guessing svg. Also Your last template is beautiful and this one is even better. It also appears to be easier to work with.
  13. I noticed your new logo and I wanted to say it looks sharp. Big upgrade

  14. How could a legitimate graphic designer have done that? looks like an 8 year old did it.
  15. If you simplified the plaid pattern and ade it sand out less, that would be sharp.
  16. it looks like a cheap furniture store logo with a flame
  17. looks like a drop of blood like something for a fundraising for aids in africa campaign.
  18. what font was used in the new mothership logo
  19. That is a bit on the creepy side. Congrats on the Redskins posting that though.
  20. Can we pretend that never happened? My Cards just can't go without the BOB
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