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  1. Just like the Pirates alternate cap.
  2. What? I'm sorry, how have they not worked out? Yeah, they wanted more money from the county but ultimately it was about control of the stadium. And what professional sports team hasn't asked or demanded more money from the public? I fail to see how that situation is different from any other city in America. I doubt the costs of maintaining Chase Field are astronomically more than many other professional sports stadiums. All buildings need upkeep and maintenance. And the hot and dry climate of Phoenix creates wear and tear on buildings, just like any other climate and weather conditions can cause wear and tear on a building located on planet Earth. The point is, the climate in Phoenix isn't that unsuitable for maintaining structures. Otherwise, 5 million people wouldn't live here. Also, since 2000 the Diamondbacks have ranked on average 17.4 for league attendance. And many years ranking above 'traditional' baseball markets. Seems like their attendance isn't an issue, they're middle of the pack. \ Where would they go? Montreal? Good stadium situation there. Nashville? Charlotte? Portland? I would seriously doubt that. All those markets are smaller than Phoenix and I would strongly doubt their local tv contract would compare. The Diamondbacks aren't moving anywhere, and if they are, it will very likely be in the Scottsdale area.
  3. I think it has a LOT more to do with the fact that the Diamondbacks want a new stadium that is smaller, in the suburbs, and where they own the surrounding land to control and turn in to a retail destination. Similar to a Westgate in Glendale or like the Braves new stadium and their "The Battery Atlanta" Entertainment District. And, they would probably like it to be in either Scottsdale or on Reservation land that is near their Spring Training area. The problems with the stadium aren't anywhere near as bad as they seem, that’s the narrative the team has put out there to gain public support for the need for a new stadium. Ultimately there were disagreements between the team and the county over the terms of their lease and what certain provisions meant and who had what responsibility. Diamondbacks wanted more control of the building, like when they could occupy the building, what repairs to make, and be in charge of booking outside events. And money from outside event bookings would go to the repair fund, which the county hadn't been doing a good job of booking events from my understanding. Diamondbacks were totally in the right for wanting that control, but I believe they went about it in a very poor way. Since gaining control of the stadium over a year ago they've hardly spent near the amount that they claimed was necessary to spend before this season began. It appears that their claims of the 22 year old Chase Field falling apart before our eyes weren't as drastic as it seems. But you're absolutely right, it's in a great location. Especially with the revival and grow in downtown Phoenix.
  4. The Arizona Diamondbacks haven’t worked out?
  5. AFC West is the best looking division in football. All great looks.
  6. SI article reviewing the hats and reasoning behind the designs. Claims that the Patriots really wanted the Foxborough Flag/Seal, Rams and Chargers really wanted LA flag, Raiders are lost, and Seattle's flag isn't really Seattle's flag: "In Seattle it was a great educational experience to understand the flag that people would say is the Seattle flag was actually designed for the 1990 Goodwill Games and had nothing to do with the city. And at city hall they fly the 12 flag. So the 12 flag genuinely represents the flag as a city, even at an official level, so that made a lot of sense to use that."
  7. It's a great looking flag and popular symbol of Arizona. But, very true. I believe the Cardinals were the first of all Arizona sports to use the flag as a part of their uniform.
  8. The Arizona Cardinals
  9. Exactly. too many teams worry more about their bottom line and creating a winning onfield product. Then again maybe some are completely incapable of doing so. But winning solves everything.
  10. These are awesome! Would love to see Arizona go back to something similar to this. I'd second the idea of changing the blue jersey numbers to white.
  11. 90's basketball was almost perfection. What a great era of uniforms.
  12. I agree, love the look! I think they just need to thicken the color outlines on the jersey and the hat logo and they’ll be set.
  13. I've gotta say, that Marlin's hat is beautiful. The Marlins new identity has really grown on me. I got a chance to see the primary cap in person, but I didn't love it as much. I think if they pushed the red a few more shades toward pink would help a ton, possibly even the blue a few more shades towards teal but that may not be necessary. And they definitely need to fill in the M with some black thread, the logo seems lacking with using the cap material itself as a part of the logo.
  14. Appears that the Diamondbacks will keep the same hat design from last year. Looks like this year's Spring Training logo on the side of the hat.