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  1. The only thing the Diamondbacks should be accused of copying is the 2000-2012 Houston Astros identity.
  2. Similar to the concept above, drop the pinstripes, replace the white in the Arizona wordmark, name, and number with copper, add the purple/teal zigzag pattern sleeve cuffs, and add the purple A cap and that would've been a beautiful road uniform.
  3. There's not much evidence that I could find but the teal hat made it on field at least once. One of my favorites.
  4. Might have to widen the margins a bit
  5. Leave them as is with the updated Adidas collar. They are perfect to Coyotes fans.
  6. This is welcomed news! I agree, Diamondbacks are due!
  7. You and me both. Hopefully it returns someday soon.
  8. lol you always sound so bitter about Arizona stuff, sounds like Arizona was really hard on you. I'm not sure that a college campus of 18-20 year olds is an entirely accurate representation of the fan allegiances of the surrounding city considering a significant amount of the student population are from out of state. Plus, I'm willing to bet you hung around mostly with other California kids so I'm sure that skews your view. You've been gone a while. The recent community outreach and local marketing done by the Coyotes organization has been great and successful as far as ticket sales, attendance, interest goes. Also, the re-embrace of the Kachina logo by the organization has been a great move because locals love it. Probably because it has more character and a stronger identity than the howling coyote head. It's more representative of Arizona and we like that. Coyotes have had enough struggles so I don't think they need piling on by out-of-state former Arizona State students because they couldn't handle the heat during their time in the desert. I'm sure the organization has a fine future ahead of it.
  9. While a mismatched helmet color is not a good design choice, the throwback uniform is wholly superior to what they introduced today. Correcting that helmet color to match the royal blue jerseys would have been the right update.
  10. Imagine thinking that these are inferior.
  11. Honestly, I think that patch is exactly the purpose. A placeholder for a future advertising patch, seems kind of obvious now.
  12. I mean purple, teal, and copper are pretty southwestern and are infinitely more representative of Arizona than brick red and sand. Just because Arizona has some red rocks and some beige deserts doesn’t mean every sports team has to share that color scheme. If that’s the prevailing rationale then most teams ought to have forest green and dirt brown color schemes.
  13. My understanding of the Nike, NFL, and Fanatics deal is that Fanatics has the exclusive right manufacturer and distribute all retail Nike NFL gear. As in, Nike isn’t making anything but on field gear and Fanatics is doing everything else.
  14. that would be the :censored:show known as Fanatics
  15. In all my life in Arizona, I’ve never seen a desert cardinal. I’ve seen several all red northern cardinals though.