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  1. Great look for UofA! Wished they would still do the center stripes on the white helmet but I like that they added the red face mask. Should be a good looking game.
  2. The suns really need to go back to the western font uniform and use the black sun burst from the 90's as the primary alternate. The real issue with this orange uniform is that the logo looks so completely out of place. The logo is 75% yellow, which looks horrible clashing with the orange and purple. The logo itself really needs to be a gradient with multi shades of orange with purple outlines. Also, make the basketball copper, that would be a great way to give a shout out to Arizona while making sure the ball doesn't get lost in a sea of orange. I just hate that they just decided to lazily slap the logo on and who ever in charge thought this looked good. It's unbelievable except that this is exactly the kinds of things I expect out of this franchise at this point.
  3. Sparky is the superior helmet logo period. Plus, ASU doesn’t use the fork correctly most of the time anyways. When they use the primary gold helmet with the maroon fork, half of the logo is gold and therefore is lost in the background with skinny maroon outlines. Also, they need to dump the Boise State logo trend with the giant oversized fork on one side and numbers on the other. Use the fork everywhere else you want, midfield, t shirts, statues, etc whatever but Sparky belongs on the helmet at ASU.
  4. The Yankees uniforms are overrated. Really not that great. There, I said it.
  5. That seems weird that Nike would take over during the postseason instead at the beginning of the next year. Is there any other info on that? Also, the New Era quality decrease with the substantial increase in price over the last few years is incredibly ridiculous. I like to buy hats but only with membership/discounts. Hard to justify buying any more these days, feels like robbery.
  6. Arizona State new football jersey, leaked on fanatics. I imagine this will be paired against Michigan State's neon green monstrosity.
  7. Yeah they have that on a ton of merchandise. Cardinals even wore a 100th year anniversary patch in 98 I believe.
  8. Also they added gold printing to the sleeves. Last year it was a red shine print
  9. As far as I know, the second iteration of the home set was definitely cream, though they very well could have been white when they first came out. I can’t remember for sure though I have some originals in my closet at home. I would absolutely love it if the diamondbacks had some road throwbacks prepared for this series. I haven’t seen anything on the internet that indicates this unfortunately. Though, I was at the chase field team shop several times in the spring and noticed an increase in the former ‘D’ road hat (2000-2006) on the shelves being sold. It also had the extra new era stickers and was being marketed as one of the official on field caps with all of their other official caps, including the purple alternate one. This got me thinking that there was a chance of a potential throwback game with these hats being used this year. But this is the only evidence I could find to support my theory.
  10. If it’s how you describe then it must have been the logo on the hat on the far left and far right. It was an actual alternate hat in the first few years of the franchise, though rarely worn.
  11. I agree but it needs to be solid maroon with white flames and no outline, just two colors. They usually do maroon pitchfork with gold flames and then a maroon outline. It’s a terrible look. For example: The fork from the copper desert fuel look has a better looking fork in regards to outlines:
  12. Loving this ASU helmet. They really need to have the center maroon stripe on the gold helmet be a full time thing. Would look a lot better with sparky but i’ll take it.
  13. Should wear those vs Arizona State with ASU wearing Sparky lids
  14. I would say for the suns one, maybe make both the ball and the sun burst the same orange color and make the tail outside the hoop yellow. Awesome work!