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  1. Cardinals should embrace an old school look. Red & White with black accents for striping and number outlines. The LAST thing Arizona needs is another red, black, and sand color scheme matching the Coyotes and the Diamondbacks. Such a bland identity. There is a reason that the the most popular uniform for both teams is the Coyotes Kachina throwback and for the Diamondbacks the purple throwbacks or current teal alternates. The Cardinals ‘05 Update was needed at the time and they were due for a refresher. But I think everyone can agree that a classic look is sharp and the Cardinals could again use a refresh. Nothing wrong with going back to something that looks good and embracing a historical look.
  2. Oh man with all this unexpected news, any chance the Arizona Cardinals making any changes?
  3. Indications of an ASU semi throwback to be released. This jersey was posted on the Adidas website. Also the ASU basketball instagram posted a photo of a sparky logo on gold fabric which would be the shorts to go with this jersey.
  4. I really think its the exact same number font. I've just spent a little more time (quickly) looking at photos on google and i'm struggling to find the difference. And you're absolutely right about UofA predating ASU's use of the font. I just found a media guide from 2010 for UofA baseball with photos of their uniforms from 2009 with that exact same font, also saw the block font used for the home whites. and ASU goes thru a rebrand in 2011 Shame on ASU, with all of the hype and media marketing speak about the importance of "brand" and "unique fonts" and other BS for them to use the same custom font their rival uses looks lazy and pathetic. Its one thing to use the same standard block font as everyone but completely different to hype up your new identity as being unique and superior when it copies another organization, let alone your rival.
  5. Funny, the UofA baseball number font is extremely similar to ASU's custom number font that they use for all sports. Also, love the grey UofA uniform. I think the red font outlined in blue really pops.
  6. Replicas look just like last years replicas, just with a nike swoosh on them. Quality is exactly the same as the Blue Jays retro posted above.
  7. Apologies for the image quality. But this appears to be the Diamondbacks new Spring Training hat. The classic A logo with the snake head in the middle. Snake head logo also appearing on the side of the cap. Super disappointing as it looks like they are using the GIANT A logo that has never appeared on field. Back in the 90's when the team was first introduced, the retail on field caps featured the giant A logo. But, by the time the Diamondbacks began playing they replaced it with an appropriately sized A logo. I've noticed a trend with new era that for whatever reason a large portion of their fashion or custom hats made for the DIamondbacks they tend to use these oversized logos, even when that same retail line of caps for other teams use their logos at their appropriate size.
  8. No, it was definitely Authentic. It was in with all of the other new authentic styles, priced at $300whatever+.
  9. Another interesting thing that I found at the Diamondbacks Stadium Shop was their new alternate black A logo uniform. Every year since 1998 (I believe) they've used this logo on their uniforms with different layers of twill to create the logo. This year with the Nike takeover its something different, even though all of the material and uniform construction remains the same as the Majestic style as before. Its now a single layer of twill with the logo embroidered on. Kind of interesting. Not a fan of it, I think it makes it look cheaper or less professional but whatever.
  10. I went to the Diamondbacks stadium store and noticed this new hat in the section with the other on field hats. I'm wondering if this is the new Spring Training hats for 2020. Different material and a new rubberized logo. Another photo below with it compared to last years Spring Training hats. No idea if this is true, just speculation. But, if these were the new sprig training hats then there is a possibility that the DIamondbacks will introduce new Spring Training uniforms to match considering they've just been using their red jersey to match the red/black/sand color scheme. Or they could just wear their current alternate white/teal uniforms to go with the hat.
  11. Locals and coyotes fans love the kachina, a lot of us would be glad to see it back full time.
  12. The new ones are nice. I think the old ones were really nice too in a simplistic way. Wish we could keep them in some capacity.
  13. I do, I also think that it's funny that most people won't wear a tuxedo to go swimming.