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  1. Probably could command a bit more from another source than with New Balance. I suspect it'll be either Adidas or Nike for them.
  2. Oregon is breaking out new black and gray uniforms against Arizona today. Not the biggest fan.
  3. Full custom rosters for NCAA Football 14 still happen because it's crowdsourced among groups of people who work on individual teams or entire conferences. With how many fanatic college football fans there are, there's likely going to be several complete FBS rosters done solely by one individual.
  4. At least one team knew to wear their school colors.
  5. I bet they could find space another one.
  6. Had a strong feeling that ISU would go with their all-black uniforms again.
  7. Figures that UCLA would head towards Nike but didn't exactly see Jordan Brand also partnering with them. I always thought that Arizona (with their BB) or USC (with their FB) would be the Pac-12 schools that scored the JB deal.
  8. Should definitely brighten up what could be a cold, cloudy day in the PNW.
  9. Pretty soon the only school with an Under Armour deal will be Maryland.
  10. Most teams actually got pretty creative with their retro choices but you can tell the lazy ones are those that chose gray jerseys or made such minimal changes that you wouldn't notice the difference.
  11. Hopefully they can find a way to reschedule the Eugene trip for the Buckeyes. Going to be tough with the way future schedules shake out for both teams.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up having two black and two white uniforms as well as it'd fit the pattern of one having "Oregon" on it and the other having "Fighting Ducks."
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