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  1. Saints are better off sticking with their Color Rush whites. Those are so good.
  2. Need to see the shorts and other uniforms, but they don't look bad so far. Edit: Found a video of the purple uniforms and they look pretty good:
  3. Navy needs to be more prominent and gold should be the accent color.
  4. Coloring in the 3 point area or the key would have been fine but the faded denim look on the main body of the court is just bad.
  5. It doesn't; it's a nod to former GT coach John Heisman's use of a practice team:
  6. Ohio State going with their Blackout uniforms this weekend: Georgia Tech will be wearing special onyx gray uniforms that honor children fighting illnesses at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta:
  7. You could just always ignore any post about Oregon. There are plenty of posts with uniforms I don't like yet I don't comment on every single one of them.
  8. I kinda think these are a step down from the past set and I really don't care for the contrasting nameplates since they're hard to read from a distance.
  9. Non-perfect lighting conditions outside a studio that shows the green helmet matches their green gloves and shoes:
  10. They're also doing a retro field design:
  11. It could be a green similar to the one they used back when Nike started experimenting with their uniforms in 1998/9.
  12. Or we could prohibit certain posters who like to bash Oregon for anything and everything from commenting on posts about Oregon.
  13. Just because you believe so doesn't make it true. The helmets are a dark green.