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  1. Love the color scheme but got major issues with the logos. I don't care for the gradient usage on either logo. The LA wordmark still looks as if the Chargers and Rams combined their franchises. Plus, seeing the ram horn go over the top makes it look like the St. Louis Arch instead an actual ram horn. As for the ram head logo, it's the best of the two but that isn't really saying much since both aren't all that great. The new ram logo is too simplistic, especially coming off of the previous one. The previous charging ram logo was much better and could easily have been updated so it went with their new wordmark logo. Really hoping that the uniform set helps salvage this rebrand.
  2. It's not a nickname; it's the actual job title for elite wildland firefighters who are assigned to the hottest, most active parts of forest fires.
  3. The XFL was wise to stay away that stupid design trend.
  4. Main things I don't like about most of the teams' uniforms are that they have unnecessary side panels and the uniform color choices make it so that many of the elements can't be mix-and-matched. The only ones that don't seem to have those issues are the Guardians and Defenders. With St. Louis, I don't really like their helmet and use of both royal and navy blue together.
  5. Considering they play 12 regular season games, I think your original joke missed the mark.
  6. There were no QBs from the South (the QB who was closest to the South was Oklahoma's Jalen Hurts) so they split the QBs between the two teams.
  7. I don't think getting rid of the shoulder horns is all that unpopular of an opinion. I don't think they should be on there either as the helmet horns are good enough.
  8. Arizona State going with gold helmets and all-black uniforms for the Sun Bowl:
  9. At this point, I'm thinking that unless Oregon gets a special uniform, they'll likely be wearing yellow helmets/apple green jerseys/yellow pants as that's the one main combo they've yet to wear.
  10. Based on the video and photos of the Ducks' final walkthrough, it looks like they'll be wearing their dark green helmets for the Pac-12 CG.
  11. Oregon State should really try to do some mixing and matching with this set. Unlike the previous set, all the pants, jerseys, and helmets contain orange, black, and white so they wouldn't look out of place when mixed.
  12. I'd consider Michigan's maize a yellow rather than gold.
  13. Agreed. It works as an alternate for Iowa but it's not something the Steelers need to be doing.
  14. The school is no longer in California; it's at NAS Fallon in Nevada.