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  1. For some reason, I get the feeling they may just go with a black alternate even though a gold version using the same material/pattern as their sleeve trim would be the most intriguing. The most far out idea would be for them to go with a red jersey.
  2. "Go Beavs" and "Build the Dam" are two of OSU's mottos/sayings so there's nothing wrong with them.
  3. One minor inconsistency I noticed on OSU's uniforms is the color of the swooshes on the black set, as the jersey has an orange chest swoosh while the pants have a white hip swoosh. All the other uniforms have the same color swoosh on both the pants and jersey.
  4. The main tweaks I would make are change the chest wordmark to "Oregon State" and make it white on the black jersey to make it consistent with how the other jerseys are done. Otherwise I think they could have gotten away with no wordmark at all.
  5. Oregon State's new uniforms have been released. Not a bad look for them and the consistency in the striping/colors allows for easy mix-and-match ability.
  6. At this point, Nike either doesn't like to put any detailing on pants or the new template doesn't lend itself to a lot of embellishments.
  7. Besides TCU, it sure seems the new design directive for Nike is for minimalism since almost none of the new uniforms have much (if any) shoulder and/or pants detailing.
  8. Yikes. Not sure how those got past the initial design phase.
  9. I think this is a pretty good update for them. Too many teams use navy and metallic gold so Pitt going to royal and athletic gold is a more unique look. Not the biggest fan of having two separate fonts but whatever.
  10. A tad generic but still better than being either too plain or too busy.
  11. Michigan wore their 1989 retro uniforms today against Michigan State:
  12. You'd think with them playing a home game against Tennessee, they could easily just wear another set since the colors for both teams are far enough apart for both to wear color uniforms.
  13. Oregon tends goes with black and gray logos/wordmarks on their yellow softball jerseys since they're worn almost always worn with either gray or black pants. Also, the baseball team is using a black and yellow version of that logo on their black jersey and it looks fine.
  14. Oregon Softball has released their yellow jerseys.
  15. Oregon Baseball has a set of pinstripes, which look really good: