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  1. Michigan wore their 1989 retro uniforms today against Michigan State:
  2. You'd think with them playing a home game against Tennessee, they could easily just wear another set since the colors for both teams are far enough apart for both to wear color uniforms.
  3. Oregon tends goes with black and gray logos/wordmarks on their yellow softball jerseys since they're worn almost always worn with either gray or black pants. Also, the baseball team is using a black and yellow version of that logo on their black jersey and it looks fine.
  4. Oregon Softball has released their yellow jerseys.
  5. Oregon Baseball has a set of pinstripes, which look really good:
  6. I think the main thing holding me back on the softball uniforms is the new wordmark and seeing how much better the one the baseball team uses is, especially with the script "Ducks."
  7. Oregon has now released their grays, with softball going with anthracite and baseball going with light gray and using the flying Duck pattern. Not sure I'm really feeling them using the same color for the number and outline as it makes the number look thicker than it needs to be. Kinda appears they're trying to highlight the contrast between the venting pattern within the number and the solid inlines/outlines.
  8. The number treatment is not very good on the blacks. The numbers look odd with the yellow outline and white inline.
  9. Liking what I'm seeing so far. The new script on the softball uniforms is going to take some time to get used to as I thought it was good having the scripts for both teams match. I do like that the softball team is using the flying duck pattern that has become more prevalent throughout much of the AD's promotional graphics and were seen on the football's Jumpman shoes and accessories. Based on the teaser and what they've worn in the past, both teams will be getting black, gray, and yellow jerseys (with the softball team likely getting black and gray pants to pair up with them.)
  10. Looks like Oregon will getting new uniforms for both baseball and softball. Based on past seasons and the teaser, it looks like both teams will have black, green, yellow, white, and gray jersey options. I imagine the baseball team will likely only use gray and white pants while the softball team will have matching pants to all their jersey options.
  11. I'm actually liking these much more than their full-frogskin unis, but do see where they could have done better. I think they should have gone with solid facemasks instead of the striped ones and gone with gloss helmets instead of matte helmets. On the unis, I really do think they were trying to mimic both the spike and scale pattern on real horned frogs and the look from the Black Panther suit but it's not a bad look. Only part I don't like there is it extending beyond the nameplate.
  12. Going to take some time getting used to the new name after it's been Safeco for so long.
  13. It looks like some logo from a lower level Single-A team and not you'd what expect out of a Triple-A team in a major city.
  14. So the whole XFL acronym is entirely meaningless? Seems about right for a league that feels the same way.
  15. With the team name being water-related, I think that puts names like "Sockeyes" and "Sea Lions" in a better position than "Totems" or "Thunderbirds."