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  1. Those uniforms are truly atrocious
  2. Well only if you're a complete moron. The "1" is smaller than the "50." If you didn't think this was going to happen all over college football this year, you're not paying attention. Who cares. Watch the game. It's not that bad. Stop the hysterics.
  3. Their current scorebug looks like they just let some producers kid design it with MS Paint.
  4. Don' the get new uniforms every single week?
  5. Replace the hog with numbers and it's literally 1000% the exact same uniform.
  6. Awesome. Thank you! (F your avatar though... )
  7. Really need this beautiful font!
  8. So "private high school logo" is better than "Madden Create-a-Team?"
  9. Sidebar - lets use this template for uniform match-ups in 2019. Looks very nice and clean.
  10. Oh, I'm sorry, life coach. How should I live my life? Why the fukk would anybody assume the Dallas Cowboys are the "Nike stars?" What a horribly stupid example. One of the most recognizable team brands in the world for over 50 years. The Cowboys logo is recognized worldwide. And there's a star on the Texas flag (you allegedly live there) and stars and cowboys have been synonymous since the days of the old west. But yeah, a Nike swoosh on the shoulder is the same thing as seeing MAYO CLINIC Minnesota Lynx AT&T across a jersey. Great points made. You should talk more often.
  11. I'm sorry, I know soccer does it, but ads on jerseys are a fooking abomination. It looks so tacky and gross. To me this looks like Texas Capital Bank is playing the Mayo Clinic on some f'ing rec league game. I don't watch soccer very often but when I do I have no idea who the hell is playing because it looks like Mercedes-Benz is playing Toshiba. It's a giant turn-off and I'll stop watching the NFL is they ever do this.
  12. Let's not forget the San Francisco 49ers of Santa Clara/San Jose.
  13. Bears & 49ers is one of the all-time uniform match-ups. Seeing it immediately takes me back to the mid-80's.
  14. Tampa needs a re-haul DESPERATELY. Their uniforms are atrocious. Cincy needs to utilize the tiger logo more instead of a stupid "B" with stripes Browns. Blow 'em up. Start over. The Bills somehow get worse and worse with every reincarnation.
  15. I like the tiger head logo on the helmet, just not the stripe. Cincy needs to use the TIGER logo more and not a stupid :censored:ing "B" with stripes. You have maybe the most iconic animal in the world as your logo and you don't really use it. Reason #259 why they're the "Bungles" They just bungle evrything they touch.
  16. None of that is really motivating. Why would I be banned? OK, you realize different people SEE different colors, right? Do you attack people who are colorblind? So I'm stupid because I see a different color than you do? WOW. Sorry to "aggravate" you with how my eyes work. Christ, I hope you don't have children. God knows what you might do to them if they see a different hue than you do.
  17. Yeah, that is navy blue. You can't convince me that Walter Payton isn't wearing black in that photo vs the Saints. His helmet, jersey, and pant stripe is EXACTLY as dark as the Saints black. Yes. There are dozens of photos of Bears players looking like they are wearing black from the 80's. Obviously it's lighting as some have pointed out. But yes...I'm completely :censored:ing serious that it looks like Walter is wearing a black uniform. Sorry, not sorry. Oh :censored: right off.
  18. I believe my eyes. And Walter Peyton is 100% wearing a BLACK jersey in that photo. Those are navy blue. Those also look nothing like what Payton and Singletary are wearing in those photos. Just like "the dress" was definitely blue & black and not white & gold, right?
  19. Hmmm, that's kinda cool, I guess. Shows how much basketball i actually watch though.
  20. With the new ESPN NBA scorebug....why do they put the logos for NBA but it's just a bland, team-colored box for college? They put the team logo for every other sport.
  21. There is a LOT of yellow on the tv, but it does look like a great uniform match-up. That field is a hot dumpster fire though.