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  1. In a recent SportsLogos news post about Riddell giving a helmet to the Houston Astros with a design based on the team, author Demetrius Bell brought up the popularity of "crossover designs" in the concept world, combining a sports' uniform with the identity of another sports' team. In the end of the article, he asked the readers which baseball team would look best on a football helmet, which immediately sparked my imagination. After having done a handful of them, I decided I wanted to continue the project as far as my motivation would take me. Sports logos and design is one of my biggest interests, and this kind of project is simple, and addicting. I'm going to try and make what I think would be a realistic interpretation of how MLB (and perhaps other sports) teams' helmets would look like if they played football, and maybe a few alternates and throwbacks in the mix too. Not sure how much I will do, but I figure I might as well set it up just in case. I'll make a new post and add to the OP when I make new additions. I'm considering doing MLB and NHL requests, but only based on logos/identities, not original concepts! Clicking each helmet will bring you to the full-size version. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL AMERICAN LEAGUE NATIONAL LEAGUE Baltimore Orioles Arizona Diamondbacks Boston Red Sox Atlanta Braves Chicago White Sox Chicago Cubs Cleveland Indians Cincinnati Reds Detroit Tigers Colorado Rockies Houston Astros Los Angeles Dodgers Kansas City Royals Miami Marlins Los Angeles Angels Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins New York Mets New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies Oakland Athletics Pittsburgh Pirates Seattle Mariners San Diego Padres Tampa Bay Rays San Francisco Giants Texas Rangers St. Louis Cardinals Toronto Blue Jays Washington Nationals ALTERNATES/THROWBACKS: Oakland: alternate (2011-current) / throwback (1993-94) NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE The only ones I've done so far are the Florida Panthers in celebration of their rebranding, the Carolina Hurricanes alternate, and the Pittsburgh Penguins 1992-2002 throwback. This format and project are both a work in progress. Feedback on either would be appreciated!
  2. Thank you both so much
  3. Can anyone tell me where I can find OP's different hockey jersey collar templates, like this one? I know all of them are somewhere on here but I forget where. Thanks.
  4. I skimmed this thread and have yet to found someone bringing up Tampa Bay's 96-99 stormy alternate jersey. So, sorry if someone already did.
  5. Oh dear god, all three of these are just pure eye candy. It seems to be really easy to make a red Panthers concept look good because the color usage ratio and logos just look so damn good. All three of these are perfect. Though, from most to least liked, I would rank them the bottom, the top, and then the middle. Them middle one is great, but the way the shoulder yoke transfers to the cuff stripe looks a little odd to me. I'm also not really much of a fan of how the shoulder yoke creates a space in the middle behind the collar for the Reebok logo. In any case, these are all great. They have a great identity and it's hard to make them look bad when you make a concept of the red jersey. For one thing, the addition of waist stripes is a big plus, let alone the classic ones. The classic shoulder patch is always a nice sight as well. I like the bottom one the best because it looks most like the original. What I would like even better is if the shoulder yoke was outlined in white all around, or was even triangular like on the original. Other than that, perfect use of the Panthers' brand elements.
  6. Not bad! Would've liked to see something different, but it's still nice jersey. Nice homage to an obscure team! Looks pretty good too! And good for making their awesome primary logo the shoulder patch!
  7. Even though it has front numbers, I like it a lot better than their actual alts. For one, it has the awesome 90's Lightning script and number font. I really miss those, they should bring it back in a fashion similar to this. Overall, awesome.
  8. Beautiful! Reminiscent of the to the awesome 94-97 jerseys, the fonts, shoulder patch logos, the star pattern and everything, but with the modern ASG colors! This is what I want them to actually look like! I'd love for them to go back to east/west as well. I also like the touch of the vintage team logos on the shoulders!
  9. That is absolutely beautiful. The Sens needs a uniform overhaul badly, and this is exactly what it should look like. Though perhaps with their modernized original 1991 logo on the front, but still, this is incredible. I'd love a white and black (I'd like that to be the home, and the red to be the alt) version too!
  10. Didn't see that at first, great attention to detail!
  11. Oh god, that's amazing! If you asked me to think up about what a traditional version of the Fisherman jersey would look like, that's what it would be!
  12. Will the ASG jerseys be black and neon-green?
  13. Better than what we really got.