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  1. how do I go to the first unread post in a thread with this new update
  2. You should wait until 2019 to update it. You can sell more jerseys that way.
  3. has it even been a week yet? i say just give em a minute
  4. Are all NFL decisions really based off of merchandise? Are they really that evil? Also I think it's pretty messed up that Oakland, San Diego, and St. Louis are trying to leave because they don't like their stadiums and they're throwing a temper tantrum.
  5. Problem:Fordham football hasn't been relevant since World War Two. Really pissed off Vince Lombardi, too. What the hell's goin on out there!
  6. Beautiful. Of course, I just got ridiculed for suggesting this yesterday. That is not what you suggested. You suggested adding dark grey, or worse, black to the Rams blue and yellow. I can't picture either looking good. Edit: Here's what happens when you use black with those colors PUKE No, I suggested first that they keep the Navy from the current St. Louis sets and update it with the Athletic Gold from the previous sets as a way to combine both histories. I then speculated that Black or Grey might be added. Additionally, that's a terrible set of photos used to try to illustrate your point. It's not that adding Black or Grey to either doesn't work, it's just that some of you don't like/want it, and thus you are trying to discredit it as non-workable. agreed. that uniform design is horrible, but i actually dig the color palette. do i like enough that i think it should be the Rams colors? im not sure. but those colors work fine. This would've been a better example
  7. Is the sunshine different in Southern Cal?
  8. I hope they go Rose Bowl, but if they play in the Coliseum it would still immediately become my favorite NFL stadium
  9. I would actually like to see Chargers with numbers on helmet
  10. The Eagles have wings on their helmets...I dont think the eagle head is anywhere else on their uniforms. Right. They've never gone double logo
  11. I think it can be done well. I think this is the best use of logo repeat.
  12. How about they use the same shade of blue for their helmets and jerseys. How about they just get white helmets and pants
  13. If they go yellow id want carbon copies of these
  14. Except for red/navy, I agree. Twins, Red Sox, Angels, and nats have all pulled it off perfectly I also think this is an exception
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