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  1. how do I go to the first unread post in a thread with this new update
  2. You should wait until 2019 to update it. You can sell more jerseys that way.
  3. has it even been a week yet? i say just give em a minute
  4. Are all NFL decisions really based off of merchandise? Are they really that evil? Also I think it's pretty messed up that Oakland, San Diego, and St. Louis are trying to leave because they don't like their stadiums and they're throwing a temper tantrum.
  5. Problem:Fordham football hasn't been relevant since World War Two. Really pissed off Vince Lombardi, too. What the hell's goin on out there!
  6. Beautiful. Of course, I just got ridiculed for suggesting this yesterday. That is not what you suggested. You suggested adding dark grey, or worse, black to the Rams blue and yellow. I can't picture either looking good. Edit: Here's what happens when you use black with those colors PUKE No, I suggested first that they keep the Navy from the current St. Louis sets and update it with the Athletic Gold from the previous sets as a way to combine both histories. I then speculated that Black or Grey might be added. Additionally, that's a terrible set of photos used to try to illustrate your point. It's not that adding Black or Grey to either doesn't work, it's just that some of you don't like/want it, and thus you are trying to discredit it as non-workable. agreed. that uniform design is horrible, but i actually dig the color palette. do i like enough that i think it should be the Rams colors? im not sure. but those colors work fine. This would've been a better example
  7. Is the sunshine different in Southern Cal?
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