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  1. It would be so NIKE to go with a white helmet after everyone is debating whether the helmet should be black or red.
  2. It's always been bring it as an alternate for them and fluke?
  3. This is why I hope theres some orange on the Jersey, I'm sure they won't look like the Falcons with their pewter pants and and Helmet but their home jersey all by itself looks like a Falcons fashion Jersey.
  4. If they are going to keep the logo then this is all they need to do. Make a white set, keep the black throwback and they're golden.
  5. I would love to see them use the modern pants bolt but use it without the panel so it matches more with the helmet and the jersey.
  6. As long as they only allow throwback helmets then it's a fantastic move. If they allow every team to have a 2nd helmet no matter it's for throwback or not could lead to a college football style mess that shouldn't be in the nfl.
  7. What does that even mean? That they didn't have a gradient that matched with the helmet, numbers, and pants? The St. Louis ram head matched the horn on the helmet pretty damn well if that's what he's referring too. If he's talking about how they had the blue and white logo despite wearing the blue and yellow home jerseys then not only do they have themselves to blame for that awful move, but that's also an abysmal excuse to change logos and botch what should've been the easiest redesign in the past 20 years.
  8. Thanks, I never post stuff from twitter to here so I was having a hard time.
  9. Josh Johnson just posted a video of him wearing some new Rams gear on twitter and the LA-horn logo is all blue and it looks 10x better then the gradient version. https://twitter.com/iamjohnthethird/status/1242166338291785729?s=20
  10. Love it from the head down, don't really care for the recolored logo on the helmet.
  11. More teams need to do this when the other team wears throwbacks, if we couldn't get a throwback Thursday to replace Color Rush I'd love for teams to at least wear throwbacks on Thanksgiving like they used too. One more reason the one helmet rule blows.
  12. I like these but i'm afraid they look a little to similar to the current Jags uniforms and given that they're both 2 southeast feline teams that were established in 1995 I feel like people would be quick to point that out
  13. #2 and #3 are infinitely superior to #1 so that leaves it to the last two. I personally don't care for the helmet/logo on uniform #3 but I understand why you made those changes. The helmet and logo on #2 make it the best option imo.
  14. Thanks. Never knew about it, weird thing to just subtly put into a social media graphic though.