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  1. I love the striping on the Perds numbers... You can see it better on the back of Gnash.
  2. The Giants have never had a good set. Yup... I said it. All the jerseys have issues to them, and look cluttered.
  3. However, as hockey week said, it came from their original 1972 promotional logo. I meant the number font, not the logo. That font was made by the Canes..... in the 90's.
  4. I always find Brandoise odd. I love and hate there stuff. It's like they seem to wanna do the same thing with every team.
  5. I hate the love for the Knicks new set. I actually liked the black.
  6. You're right. So many pictures, and none of them in order in photobucket. Thanks for the catch. No problem. I wish the Toros were coming back instead of the Bulls, but alas.
  7. Not sure if you saw, but you posted up the same picture twice during the 80's stuff. At least, I don't see a difference between the 84-85 and 85-88 sets. Great work so far on this. Love how each team has a uique look, and the Aeros logo is solid. Cannot wait to see the Indy Racers again.
  8. What if Manning had stayed on the Chargers? Does Brees still get moved? Does Rivers play in New York and get the 2 SB Rings?
  9. On the whole I like it a lot but it reminds me a bit too much of this http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/44/2590/full/h7p0xzmic3awlukxiu1xkv2eh.gif Maybe flip the Bee so it's facing right?? That was mentioned before... and he did admit it looked a lot alike.
  10. Yeah.. that's going far. But a few different teams would be nice...
  11. When it comes down to it, when watching the game the field isn't as important, its just something nice to look at. The real disappointment from this field is knowing what it could be, and the potential that it has. All the years of great fields should have set a standard for what a Super Bowl field should look like, and now it seems that the NFL just doesn't care anymore. They just want to get the logos on the field and call it a day. No attention to detail, no taking the extra steps to make the field look as great as it could. Just get it done and go home. Of every Super Bowl field I'd say this one ranks either 48th or 49th. That's pretty bad considering that this field is competing for last place with last years field. They did a better job in 1967 when they could hardly afford the paint. Yeah.. that I can agree with. But still, great work here.... keep it up.
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