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  1. Lindback was gonna be the number 1 in Carolina. Now he's the numner 1 in Barfullo.
  2. I think so..... but Pavelec needs to play better.
  3. I'd say Coops. I've played roller hockey in pants, and you know what? It'd be cool to see them on a ice, like goalie pads if they could be customized.
  4. Picked up what the team needed. Stafford is a Jets type of player, and Myers is a good D. Sad Bogey is gone though.
  5. I love the striping on the Perds numbers... You can see it better on the back of Gnash.
  6. are you just too cheap to buy your own stuff, so you use your dad or just wear a $5 t-shirt? What if the Leafs are playing the Rangers, Islanders, Blue Jackets, Canucks, Sabres, Oilers, Blues, Lightning, or Jets? All of those teams main color is blue. Wouldn't that confuse people abour your loyalty? Fist off, My dad is DEAD. The jersey is authentic and signed. I keep it safe when I don't wear it. I own my own sports gear, mainly caps. I do own a bunch of NHL jersey from when I was younger though. None of them fit me, so I keep them on a wall in my bedroom. As for teams who have similar colours, wear secondary colours as well. Example would be wearing Green to Cannuck games as well as Blue. Food for thought people.
  7. Jays, Royals and Orioles. Athletics green as well.... I don't like the yellow one that much.
  8. I feel that a conterfiet is never a good thing to own, but I get why people buy them. I have a old jays jersey i wear to games from my dad. It's big on me still, but I wear it proud. I don't wear Leafs gear to games. Instead, I wear Blue. Easy way to honour your team.... just wear there colours.
  9. Good lordie, those are just terribly simple. With a name like the raptors, you need something a little unique. Not just barftastical blandness.
  10. Worst. Cola. Ever. No where close..... Worst cola ever by far is: Vess tastes like crap...
  11. The Giants have never had a good set. Yup... I said it. All the jerseys have issues to them, and look cluttered.
  12. Not gonna say anything. Just hope the Jays surprise me.