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  1. I'm a big fan of these! The neon green is a bold move, but I think it can look good if executed tastefully, which is what you were able to do by shrinking the "STATE" and making the numbers green. The white numbers make it feel tacky, so I'd much prefer any one of your designs!
  2. PD13

    Apple Cup Logo

    Thanks for the suggestions! I've never been entirely sold on the black outline myself, my favorite version (I'm very biased but it stands out objectively) that I've done was an all-Washington colors one where the outline was purple and the letters were gold. With both teams, I'm sure the white outline would look great, especially if translated as a 25-yard line logo. Also, the apple would be a good space filler anywhere, especially in the southwestern portion of the state. I'll give these a shot when I get the chance.
  3. PD13

    Apple Cup Logo

    Hey everyone. I've been holding onto this design for a while, as the Apple Cup hasn't been on anyone's mind until now, and no one could've predicted just how important it would be! The current logo for the game is serviceable, but is incredibly bland and generic. I sought to create something unique to Washington, and here's what I came up with, in several different color options. Thanks for checking it out! https://imgur.com/kCvbtmD https://imgur.com/bwzIphx https://imgur.com/Rf10GkD https://imgur.com/BdxRyzh https://imgur.com/92eaete
  4. Saint John's is red and columbia blue, whereas Saint Benedict's is red and black, and the other two are purple and gray and purple and gold respectively. I'm a huge fan of columbia blue, especially when paired with red, but black and red is fairly tired and hard to make unique IMO.
  5. My MIAC Rankings 1. Saint John's 2. Saint Catherine's 3. Univ. of Saint Thomas 4. Concordia 5. Augsburg 6. Carleton 7. Bethel 8. Saint Olaf 9. Gustavus Adolphus 10. Saint Mary's 11. Hamline 12. College of Saint Benedict
  6. Sorry about the extended delay, but I went ahead and calculated the average ranks (in parentheses) for the Pac-12 based on the first six responses: 1. UCLA (2.833) 2. Southern California (4.33) 3. Washington (4.833) 4. Arizona State (5.33) 5. California (6.00) 6. Oregon (6.33) 7.Colorado (6.50) 8. Arizona (6.833) 9. Oregon State (7.00) 10. Washington State (8.833) 11. Stanford (9.50) 12. Utah (9.66) Interesting to see how unanimously UCLA is loved and Utah is disliked. Schemes with red and gold/yellow were widely liked, whereas schemes with red and a white, grey or black took the bottom three positions. Feel free to add your Pac 12 rankings still, I'd be glad to run the numbers again. That said, anyone is welcome to submit rankings for the MIAC whenever.
  7. I’d love to see more votes for the PAC-12 just so that the data is more reflective of larger trends, but we can certainly begin ranking the MIAC as buzzcut offered up. I’ll send mine out once I can actually get a good look at all the schools. Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far!
  8. I originally thought of it like flyersfan explained, but it’s really up to you. Some consideration has to be given to the way they use the colors in their identity though, otherwise it’s practically impossible to pick a favorite between teams like Stanford and Utah (not a great example but it gives the basic concept).
  9. I just went through a really cool thread started a few months back by verno, discussing everyone’s least favorite color schemes, and it gave me the idea to start a thread where a particular league, conference or division would be announced, and then everyone could rank all of the schemes individually and after a few weeks, results could be compiled to see what teams have the most widely liked color schemes (I would do this using excel and finding average rank values). To begin, I’d like to offer up the PAC12 conference. Here’s my rankings, post yours and feel free to suggest the next league to rank! 1. California 2. Arizona State 3. USC 4. Arizona 5. Washington 6. UCLA 7. Colorado 8. Utah 9. Stanford 10. Oregon State 11. Oregon 12. Washington State
  10. Iowa State had a great previous set in my opinion, but these are a nice replacement. The folded numbers are original, and I get a “swirling” cyclone feel from them (although that might be borderline nikespeak...). My one issue is how the 1 looks so different from all the other digits. Looks like a block 1 whereas all the other digits have strong curved elements and the fold somewhere. That said, solid look, 7.5/10. I’d rate it higher if the black option had some cardinal and yellow. I get the “Win in the Dark” campaign necessitates a black jersey, but don’t abandon your brand in the process.
  11. The Gig Harbor one looks fantastic! Thank you again.
  12. Could you do Gig Harbor High School? Here's their helmet: Thank you!
  13. These turned out nicely. I think the design elements are really consistent throughout, and overall it's a strong set. One thing I notice on the red jersey that could be tried on the other two would be an outline around the numbers in the color of the wordmark to make the numbers "pop" a bit more.
  14. PD13

    Random NFL Designs

    These look great. I think the helmet is actually really good without a stripe, and your removal of black is exactly how they should go about doing so. Still showd contrast without being busy.