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  1. Awesome. I loved those concepts. The Browns brand needs to come back.
  2. I got a few more. All St. Louis companies with an attempt at unique color combos. The arch here is pretty straight forward. I think I like Mastercard’s single color logo more. This one is based off of the old NASL St. Louis Stars jersey, it could be a cool throwback like Vancouver’s jerseys. You don’t see a lot of maroon and gold in pro sports very often let alone the MLS but I like how it works here. Not sold on this one yet. The checkerboard, while unique, could cause some brand confusion with Purina which is also a St. Louis company.
  3. Was it your concept that had the kits that way? I saw a St Louis Browns concept on here that had the different names on the home and away jerseys and I absolutely loved that idea
  4. Being from St. Louis I was super pumped about the official announcement that we were getting an expansion team last week. So, I immediately started work on concept jerseys, with full kits to be made out of my favorites later. At this point, we don’t know now the current USL team will be involved, so colors and crest designs are wide open. I just used the current crest but recolored it for each design. I added a St Louis company to be the jersey sponsor on all of the concepts. First up I think is my strongest design. Lions Choice is a regional chain of roast beef restaurants for those of you who have not experienced it’s deliciousness. Think Arby’s but better in every conceivable way. The pattern at the top is supposedly the waveform of a lion roaring. I’m suspicious about that claim but at least it looks cool. Next is a design inspired by the 1950 World Cup jersey. There were 6 St. Louisans on that team so I put 6 Fleur De Lis on the sleeve. The sash stripe is based on the St. Louis Flag. Emerson Electric is a St Louis company that’s been around since like the 1890s so it seemed an appropriate sponsor. Panera Bread started out here being called St Louis Bread co. and is still called that in the St. Louis area. Realistically they’d put Panera on the if they did sponsor the jersey to avoid confusion but I like the thought of putting them Saint Louis on the front. The next two aren’t as strong as these 3 I think. They look fine but there’s nothing that really stands out about them. I’ve never done soccer concepts before and honestly it was way harder than expected. There are no rules with soccer kits, any design goes, so I tried to stay mostly traditional but that’s a fine line to walk between classic and boring. Anyway please C and C. Thanks
  5. I really dig that Zephyrs concept, especially the alt jersey. The Rockies need more competition in the purple game
  6. Bend the top feathers up a little bit and you could have a hidden W for WarBirds. They really missed the mark on that one
  7. Yeah they are doing the same thing as explaining a joke here. That should have just been an Easter egg
  8. The BattleHawks is a terrible name. The logo is fine, a bit generic, but it’s safe. What really gets me is they could have gone with WarBirds, which could use the same branding and everything, but is actually a term people have used. A BattleHawk isn’t a thing
  9. I saw a concept for a Tampa vs Florida Winter Classic at the Wide World of Sports in Disney World. I thought that would be a cool neutral space for the game
  10. I really like the clear boards. It makes for fewer advertising opportunities but I don’t think that will be a huge deal. The backdrop for that game was absolutely stunning.
  11. I added a Kachina stripe to the bottom of the AZ jersey. I am not sure how well I like it but it kinda feels wrong to have an Arizona classic jersey without it. Any thoughts?
  12. 3 definitely. If you get a minute, just for giggles, what would it look like without the blank spaces inside the mouth. Right now, especially considering the background, it kinda looks like he’s chewing on something. Just having white there would make it flow a little better IMO
  13. Very creative. Well done. That would look great on a helmet
  14. Oh man I might have to pick up an STL one when you get around to it. This is a sick design
  15. I bit the bullet and bought the hockey template from sportstemplates.net and made a 3d render of the jersey concepts. It doesn't have the capability to alter the appearance of the materials of whatever you are editing. I wanted the numbers and the crest on the front of the Vegas jersey to be embroidered, and the Arizona ones to be stitched felt like the Blues Winter Classic jersey from a few years ago. The template makes everything look screen printed which sucks, but I have to say it does make for some pretty cool renders.