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  1. I’ve always thought the Carolina Reapers would be a great name for a Charlotte expansion, but the Dukes makes the Reapers sound like a minor league team. Great job on these
  2. Dude that’s sick, we had literally the exact same idea except I was thinking a winter classic. I dig the current logo on the sleeves in your version.
  3. Alright normally, I would polish these a little more before showing them off, but I had this idea last night and I am too excited about it. Keep in mind this is a super rough draft, but I think I cracked how to give a vintage look to the Ducks, without relying too much on their Disney past. I think I am going to stick with the green one for now, maybe do an eggplant background on it. Anyway, please let me know what you guys think, C+C are more than welcome
  4. I changed the colors to match up with the current branding and I think I like it better for a Winter Classic set. The eggplant and teal, while awesome, don't really lend themselves to a "Classic" jersey. I think I am going to stick with this color palate but I still don't know if the art style here can work with a retro jersey. I am also thinking about different fonts and I think if I am going to run with a Disney classic, the Disneyland park font would make sense, but maybe only for promotional material, as olde english looking fonts don't really work for nameplates.
  5. So I like thinking of ways to put Winter Classic games in non-traditional hockey markets. I have done Arizona/Vegas and the Florida Teams, and now I am trying to get a Los Angeles Winter Classic concept off the ground but this one is proving to be harder than the other two. The Kings logo/jerseys won't be an issue since they came around with the Expansion Six, and there was even a team back in the 40s called the LA Monarchs that I can draw inspiration from. The problem I am having is with the Ducks. I am stuck between trying to embrace their Disney heritage, and do a "What if Disney had the expansion team in the 50s" fauxback for them, or ignore that part of their history and use their current colors and branding and try to make the D Foot thing vintage looking. Here are two versions of the same logo I am working on but I think I am trying to force something that just isn't there. Even though I literally used a frame from an old Donald Duck cartoon for reference, I think the style still looks too modern for a Winter Classic. I even looked at some old Oregon Ducks logos for reference but I want it to be recognizably Disney if I do decide to go this route. I think there has to be something cool I can do with the Disney fauxback idea but I am just not finding it. Anyway, please let me know what you guys think. And if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this whole thing I would love to hear them.
  6. I don't see a problem with a Florida Winter Classic. I did jersey concepts for one a while back. I think the Citrus Bowl would be too big though, you want the stadium to fill up and I think they might have a problem doing that. Winter Classics in baseball stadiums have better sight lines than football stadiums, but there's nothing close to Orlando that fits the bill, you'd need something 20,000+ probably.
  7. Totally agree. An outdoor game in Florida is not only possible, but inevitable in my opinion, especially if you have the game at night like it should be. The biggest problems I see with it are finding a venue with the right capacity and location. You'd be better off having a game between the Florida teams at a neutral site like Orlando or Daytona to maximize attendance, which doesn't leave too many options. UCF's football field works, and the Daytona Speedway works. The baseball field at Disney World could possibly work, but they'd need to expand seating, and not have a problem with the fact that they aren't hosting the team that's named after a hugely successful movie franchise.
  8. I like the new one with the bricks. I think it bridges the gap the best between new and old design
  9. That what their baby blue jerseys should have looked like. Instead they just washed the Saturday Home Alts with blue socks
  10. I have taken it to mean when you have a ton of views and no comments that your designs are solid and there’s really nothing to critique. My favorites are the Hammers and the Arrows. They definitely seem like they fit the best with the current real teams.
  11. I think it depends on who owns that branding. If the Avs own it, the new team would probably have to go with something new entirely. If it’s a Winnipeg situation, no big deal, this is just meant to be a 3rd jersey anyway. The Nords have been gone for longer than they were in the NHL at this point (I know they were around before they joined the NHL for longer but still) and with QC getting passed up for a team again, it doesn’t look like the NHL wants a team there, despite how much that city deserves it.
  12. I redesigned the Habs logo for an alternate jersey and instead of doing something based on their historic jerseys I decided to go super modern. The crest has 3 main parts. The very center is a Fleur De Lis in honor of their home province of Quebec (at the risk of drawing too much of a comparison to the Nordiques). I made it the center of an M for Montréal with the two “wings” on either side. I also separated the top part of the Fleur De Lis to make it the flame of a torch made from the bottom part, referencing the team motto “Nos bras meurtris vous tendent le flambeau, à vous toujours de le porter bien haut.” Or in English “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.” The team’s hanger effect on their current jersey is the first part of that line, so I added the second part as this jersey’s hanger effect, completing the line of the poem and creating some vague symbolism of the classic jerseys passing the torch to this modern take. The chest and arm stripes were made thinner and modernized with the removal of the bottom white stripe and the addition of 24 ghosted Fleur De Lis on the chest, obviously representing the 24 cups they have won. I tried this jersey in blue at first, with the thought that there would then be a jersey in their arsenal for each color, “Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge”, but it kept looking either too much like a Rangers jersey or a Leafs jersey so I abandoned that idea and stuck with red. I know I will be labeled a heretic for messing with the Canadiens crest, but I thought it was a cool way to modernize the look of the oldest team in the league. Please C+C. Thanks in advance.
  13. You know, I’ve been trying to come up with a good NHL team name for Milwaukee and I thought Hunters/Huntsmen was great until my buddy pointed out having the Hunters and Bucks in the same arena would be weird considering one kills the other. I’m excited to see what your Hunters concept looks like, because it may work.
  14. I think of the A were less rounded it would help with that
  15. I think auto racing fits the aesthetic more than football, but that’s just my take. Races have to take place on closed streets courses at night, like the Miami Grand Prix circuit.
  16. I’ll give that a shot. The reason I went with the gradient on the sides is because I was going for this aesthetic I tried doing pictures of Florida in the letters but it looked awful for a variety of reasons. The gradient on the front might work though and it would probably still have that feel.
  17. This is a second version of the Winter Classic logo where I replaced the sunset with a frozen orange. I think it’s missing something as well, maybe a hybrid of both designs will fill it out more
  18. This is a rough draft of the actual Winter Classic logo I am going to use. It’s not pixel perfect yet but I wanted to gauge response first. It’s inspired by classic post card art of the day. As always C+C is appreciated
  19. You know, what really sucks about this whole thread is that I’m inevitably going to be disappointed with whatever the NHL team comes out with because it’s not gonna have the same amount of passion put into it as you’ve put into everything here
  20. I gotta think the Yankees need more defined pinstripes but I dig the color combos
  21. I decided to make another logo for the Panthers based on both a concept that they made when they were originally designing their identity back in the 90s, and the original Screaming Eagles logo The paws obviously look weird, but that’s kinda how they looked in the original art. I will probably go back in and refine them later. In any case, I think the newer logos fit the jerseys better. I’m still having a hard time incorporating blue and gold into the jersey, so the stripes here are based on a different Eagles jersey that is making the rounds.
  22. Daytona is not a bad idea at all, having a motor sports themed Winter Classic would be awesome. My biggest issues with it are sight lines and the fact that you couldn’t fill it up even if there was 100K+ people wanting to see the game. The seats closest to the corner would be great, but the ones further out would be terrible. That means you could only sell the middle 1/3 of the grandstands, and I feel like that would make it seem really empty. Yeah you’re not wrong. I guess I just have a weird feeling about having an outdoor game in a stadium that’s only partly outdoors. HardRock Stadium seems like it would be a better option since they already completely transform that place for the Miami Open. I still think I want to keep it out of Miami though, the white Panthers jerseys are just too much of a draw for me. I’ll make a home/away version of each though just to see what it would look like.
  23. Well for one, I forgot that Marlins Park had a retractable roof. You could still do it, especially if they changed the game time to a night game, but I feel like having it around Orlando is a bigger opportunity to grow the game, plus the low averages 10° cooler in Orlando than Miami, which would make the ice surface easier to maintain. I also like the white away jersey for Miami better than the reverse colors but that’s just a personal preference
  24. Pucky on the shoulders is a good idea, he was super under utilized.
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