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  1. Love some of your jersey concepts SFGiants58 on some of the NBA teams but however I don't think the Lakers logo should be changed it should stay. Are you ever going to do more jersey concepts on the NBA teams in then future?
  2. St. Louis Blues proposed Third Jersey looks terrible but their would be mascot was cool and he'd be a better mascot than what the Blues mascot currently is.
  3. St.Louis is a Bad Football Town because due to Baseball,Soccer and to some extant Hockey and Basketball popularity St Louis will most likely have two chances at having NFL Franchise and Fail Twice.
  4. Of Course Stan Kroenke is going to have his Rams leave St Louis for their old home Los Angeles,California because since the Inglewood NFL Stadium is most likely going to get approved Rams move to Los Angeles is Going to Happen Most Likely.
  5. Well after the 2008 St Louis Rams season ended support for the St Louis Rams started to fade and look at the recent issue fan support and attendance is terrible and that the Rams are playing in a aging,old and awful facility Edward Jones Dome Both the Rams and Football Cardinals had bad fan support and they had mostly losing seasons and playing in aging stadiums The St Louis Rams have only made the playoffs 5 times and were in two Super Bowls which their first Super Bowl over the Tennesese Titans but in their Second Super Bowl Apperance The Rams to the New England Patriots The St Louis Football Cardinals only made the playoffs 4 times and that attendance for the St Louis Football Cardinals was terrible and that in their last season in St Louis The Cards attendance was at an all time low which had the Football Cardinals movie to Arizona because of bad fan support, terrible attendance,playing in an aging stadium and because of baseball's popularity and being over shadowed by the St Louis Baseball Cadinals and to some extant The St Louis Blues of the NHL. St.Louis could lose two NFL Franchises to cities in the Southwest that are larger than St Louis.Phoenix is the 6th largest and Los Angeles is the 2nd Largest.
  6. If the St.Louis Rams do move back to their old home Los Angeles in 2016 and if people are asking questions Will the NFL ever return to St.Louis and Will St.Louis Get another NFL Team here are my replies i'll say if this happens. No St.Louis simply does not support NFL. No way why a third chance of St.Louis getting another NFL Franchise when two of St.Louis Franchises have relocated to Phoenix And Los Angeles where people like most of the United States actually care about Football where it doesn't have to take a backseat for Baseball,Basketball,Hockey and Soccer. Although these aforementioned sports are popular in the US. No St.Louis doesn't deserve a third chance at an NFL Franchise both the Football Cardinals and Rams had to move because of bad attendance, playing in old stadiums and because of baseball's popularity in St.Louis along with Soccer's Popularity and to some extant Hockey and Basketball. Los Angeles is a better Football Town than St.Louis and that the St.Louis Rams should move back to Los Angeles where they played there for 49 years
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