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  1. Can anyone tell me what Script font the Braves wordmark is? It's not the same as the Atlanta Braves and I've searched around with no luck. Thanks!
  2. The name on back is a basic varsity font. Not sure exactly which but a quick font site comparison should give you an idea.
  3. I've got this. Out of town at the moment but if not one else knows I'll get you when I get back. Happy Easter!
  4. http://www.ffonts.net/NCAA-North-Dakota-St-Bison.font.download# Thanks Fellas! This isn't Conrads but I found it after searching for a few days. It just randomly popped up. Really weird because I'm really good about finding any font.
  5. I actually have that one. It's an older uniform font. I can actually make the numbers I need but wanted the set if it was out there. Would you happen to know the ICON font from the picture above? Just the word Icon, the rest I have. Thank you for the help. On a side note. The Bison reminds me of a Nascar number maybe because it's Italic but I found several that were decently close on the #1.
  6. Can anyone identify the NDSU number font? It's a Nike font but I wasn't sure if there's another team that may wear the same that may be more accessible. I actually can't find this particular font in the Nike catalog so maybe it's not a custom after all. The letter font I have so it's not a issue. Also the Icon font from above. I could really use some help with these two fellas. Thank you in advance.
  7. Can Anyone please help me identify these fonts? The ICON is the most important because I think I found something very close for the rest of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I made a few of them myself. 0,1,2,5,6,8 Might as well do the rest but if I could find something close it would help.
  9. Anyone recognize this font? I'm sure it's a custom Nike font but is there something similar out there that may be close? Any help would be appreciated and I'll gladly share when I'm finished. Thanks!
  10. @bigmike I absolutely love what you've done on all of these. I dabble in graphic design/art and must say I'm impressed! Being a life long Bengals fan, what you did with the uniform is amazing. So many possibilities with the color and Bengal theme and it seems like they always miss the mark when designing their uniform but you nailed it. They're due for a new uniform and I hope they see your work and take it into consideration. First thing I noticed and liked most was doing away with the side panels. The Nike jerseys panels are wider than the Reebok and even uglier. It just doesn't fit and breaks up what would be a nice solid black or orange. That's why the white Jersey is my favorite. Most importantly you kept the helmet the same. It's a love or hate design with no in between but I personally think it's the best helmet in the league with the Rams yellow and royal blue being second. It's very unique and unmistakable when you see it. I hope they never change it. The Titans are changing uniforms which I'm sure you're aware of. You should submit your design to the team or post it on their social media sites. Do they use an outside design company or does Nike control all designs? Anyway, thanks for sharing and you did a helluva job on all teams.
  11. Sorry the last post quoted he wrong post and was meant for this one. That's strange
  12. I understand and hate hear that. I pull fonts off pdf files and even make my own in AI but Conrad's site was awesome and a huge time saver. Loved to see the fonts he came up with. Had to be pretty scary getting cease and desist (assuming that's what he got). I never use any of my work online or sell anything, it's more just a hobby and helping other hobbiest out. I wonder how they found his site? Do they have people that search for that stuff or did some asshat use one of the fonts to make money?
  13. What happened to Conrad's website? He always did great work and I always donated when I used anything he had. He provided an great service and it's a shame his site isn't available anymore.
  14. It's Fifa World Cup 2014 Font It's Fifa World Cup 2014 font. It's an Adidas font. Google Adidas Football fonts and look at the images. You'll find it rather easy from there. If I'm wrong please accept my apology for the mistake.
  15. Does anyone know the font used by the Detroit Pistons during the Bad Boy era? Thanks!