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  1. Way-too-early thoughts on the Ravens' uniform matchups at home next year:

    • vs CLE - Potential MNF vs TBD (Let's wait on the Browns new set to decide)
    • vs PIT - Black/purple vs Steelers white/yellow
    • vs CIN - Purple/white vs Bengals Color Rush would be interesting
    • vs KC - Though I expect this game to be a SNF matchup at some point during the season, I predict purple/white vs Chiefs white/red
    • vs NYG - I'd like to see the Giants wear the Color Rush white against a non-division team. Maybe we'll see it vs Ravens in purple/black
    • vs DAL - This has potential to be an early season game. If it's a 1pm game within the first two weeks, expect white/purple or white/black to force the Cowboys into the special-occasion blue and grey. Otherwise, all-purple or all-black if primetime vs the classic Dallas white/grey
    • vs JAX - Purple/white vs Jags in white/teal or white/black
    • vs TEN - Assuming the Color Rush comes back next year, I say they wear it against the Titans white/navy.