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  1. Holy Moly some of these are incredible! Personal favourite include Russia, Sweden, Czech & Germany
  2. I absolutely LOVE Arizona's set. The other 3 sets are also really solid.
  3. Its a good start. I feel like the sponsors are really low, maybe lift them up a bit?
  4. I think cream v.s yellow may clash a bit on ice, I could be wrong but other than that really cool concepts
  5. The player photo is really solid, I like the little "chirp chirp" under the cardinal. The home opener ad, I would move the two helmets back so you can fully see all the text and not cut off "saturday" & "scheumann stadium". I would also make "Home Opener" bigger than any of the other font. Other than that it is pretty good!
  6. I love the entire Spurs set! Very clean and classic, It is definitely better than what Nike will actually do
  7. Really awesome start! The Ducks jersey is beautiful and I love the first Oilers jersey you posted, I think the orange sticks out to much
  8. Wow the Buffalo set is amazing! the wishlist set is just stunning! the number/font is great
  9. Really solid logo. Can we see it on a jersey set?
  10. This thread is so amazing! Cant wait to see buffalo! personal favourites include Anaheim and Columbus
  11. Can we see what it looks like on a helmet?
  12. All around amazing thread! my personal favourites are Canada (home country reppin lol), Australia, Iceland and Japan