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    Reading, eating, love jelly. I LOVE basketball. I love reading about history and politics. I love championships, especially pennants. I love victory, I love happiness, and I love JOY AND PEACE FOR ALL!

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  1. This. The White blue collar fans are gone----they are probably not coming back.
  2. The season will be canceled anyway. They lost a lot of blue collar fans by the way
  3. This should be revived, 11 years later. Can anyone update the Boston titles, the NY titles, the LA titles?
  4. Which sport do you see lasting for eternity overall? I don't see American gridiron football lasting in a few years (CTE, concussions, the new/changing rules, changing American demographics (young Latinos and millennials not interested like white Americans in the South), etc. What do you think?
  5. We will probably never see another 1996-2001 Yankees dynasty again, in the era of parity to see more competition and more teams win championships other than the 27-time World Champions. Teams tank, then long rebuild/retool, then a brief window of title contention. How many years does a baseball team have to compete for a championship? Look at how fast the 2014-2015 Royals faded. Look at how fast the 2016 Cubs faded.
  6. Dynasties, championships, long streaks of winning division titles, consecutive World Series appearances. Why is it so hard to do? Why?
  7. Question remains, whether the Astros/Yankees could beat them by pitching or by offense.
  8. Here is a couple of things: 2017 Cubs season was a mild success. Failure because they didn't win a World championship. Didn't repeat. But a mild success. They'll be back in 2018. Dodgers look like they will win their first National League pennant for first time in 29 years. That has to be something they should be proud of, but the goal for them is to win the World Series. I won't mind a Yankees/Dodgers World Series.
  9. Hi, could I have all the Yankees championships, including American League titles, even the 2001 and 2003 American League pennants?
  10. 2017 MLB All Star Game starting in two minutes. Should be fun, fun, fun! #MLBAllStarGame
  11. It's a tough loss. They'll bounce back in 2017 or 2018.
  12. It's such a sweet, nice feelings. The Cubs are National League Champions. Kings of the NL. Finally. Wow. What a relief. All those wretched years (2003, 2007, 2008). It's truly a nice feelings.
  13. Overall, the Olympics was good. Very good. I'm proud of the world. It was not better than London 2012, but it was good.
  14. Anyway, all the attention is on A-Rod and the Red Sox game. I would not spend $300 + for a ticket to watch his last game as a Yankee. No way. Watch it online or TV.