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  1. Could NHL sweaters look like this after the Adidas take over? leave your ideas here too!
  2. Rygi13

    Phoenix SC

    My concept for a Phoenix Soccer Club based off of the flags of Arizona and Phoenix, the badge also features an arrowhead shape.
  3. RT @ShooterMcGavin_: Telemundo loves them some preseason football http://t.co/88Za5XuCJL

  4. I also wanna give props to this redesign I found on reddit http://imgur.com/a/pOSI8#0
  5. This concept draws inspiration from Chicago's large Irish population and heritage. The Badge itself draws from the Irish Coat of Arms, as well as the colors. Let me know what you think!
  6. Here is an orange and blue/ purple logo
  7. This is what I came up with for a home and away kit
  8. I didn't really like the original Cincinnati FC logo (Orange and Blue) especially because I hate the trend of american SOCCER teams using the FC name!!!! So I came up with new branding "Cincinnati Royals SC" inspired on the city's nickname "The Queen City". The Badge I designed also pulls elements from the city's flag as well as keep the winged lion from the original design. Let me know what you think!