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  1. what rumor about a green jersey?
  2. canucks should go old school
  3. Hawks teasing new Jersey?
  4. who would be aganist, Canucks Bruins, Hawks Pens?
  5. Any news about changes for next season? Buffalo has confirmed they will go to royal blue Ottawa is getting new jersey based on rumors Canucks might change third jersey has this year might be for only this year
  6. but vegas and seattle got to do it, and they were fine
  7. hoping they were them against the canucks, with the blacks
  8. the ruor is the colour is going to be the orignal royal blue
  9. This design was consider during the 1989 rebrand for the canucks
  10. how would the flames jersey look if the shoulders were white instead of red?
  11. Any rumors on 2019-2020 changes?
  12. is aiavator blue their current colour?
  13. TSN Radio Vancouver ✔@TSN1040 Stipec: "The 'skate' is not our third jersey. The skate is our historic jersey. We'll release another new 3rd jersey in our 50th year. We'll use the black skate on select nights."#Canucks 5:18 PM - Aug 22, 2018