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  1. I am not sure if my buddy is aware of this or not i dont know if they know they are using a logo from them or because its semi pro they dont care its just a fun league, I will find out, Thanks for all the feedback everyone
  2. Very cool thank you for the feedback
  3. Thanks, Took down till i talk to him if he knows it was used as another logo or not, its there teams logo and its a fun league
  4. Love the rest, not a fan on the helmet but overall great job!!
  5. Ok let me try that, and thank you for the compliment, much appreciated!
  6. Later today im thinking drop the circle out of the original logo to make it more simple, Numbers im a fan of but everyone has a opinion. Appreciate everyone's feedback!
  7. Adidas TechFit Florida State Seminoles Concept (Thoughts?) First uniform concept attempt... So be nice lol...
  8. ? I dont see it, what do you mean, can you pm it to me if you have it?
  9. New to this board & very impressed by all the talent on here. I too am looking for an adidas Techfit (or Primeknit) template. 2D & 3D would be excellent. I'm working on one, it will be complete tomorrow-ish, give or take a day or 2 Did you ever post this vector template? Thank you so much for your effort!