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  1. For me the uniforms are a solid 7/10. It's a uniform that could've been so much better if some elements weren't overcomplicated and thrown in. Pros: New modernized helmet decal + finish is amazing. I love it. Home colors pop. IKEA jokes are understandable but finally a good change from the drab navy and beige that they once wore. Gradients are nice and subtle, not as horrid as rumored a few weeks back. Cons: Bone jersey could've been executed better. For an iconic brand like the Rams it's a very drastic change, I really wanted to see them revert to an away uni that was similar to their LA/GSOT days with the yellow sleeves. The inconsistent striping from the home and away uniforms is a puzzling choice. Font could've been less rounded, I agree with the soccer team comparisons now, the numbers are very MLS-esque. If the Rams were to do a left-chest wordmark, I would prefer that they would've either printed or embroidered it on the jersey rather than stitching on a patch. It looks like a nametag. I also see what they were trying to do with the "deconstructed, Virgil Abloh/Off-White stitching" on the patch, but it just seems odd for a football jersey. It's an iconic sports team that has had over 50 years of history in LA, not a fashion and lifestyle brand. Overall I think that the Rams tried too hard to cement themselves into the LA culture with this redesign. The sunset-esque gradients, the "LOS ANGELES RAMS" smacked on top of the Bone unis, and the LA patch on the back of the uniforms are a perfect example of them trying to say, "hey, look, we're in LA!" You don't have to be trendy and fashionable to win over LA. You win over the fanbase through your long-lasting heritage, iconic brand, and winning (as shown through the fanbases of the Lakers and Dodgers), all which the Rams have but failed on utilizing to their advantage. They're not awful uniforms, but it hurts to know that this could have been done so much better.
  2. If you go to https://ramsnewlook.com/ and scroll it shows that two new alternate uniforms will be coming out in 2021 and 2022, interesting.
  3. Honestly I like them. The gradient is surprisingly nice and subtle and it seems like a nice modernization of the traditional unis. Even though if its not the beloved traditional uniforms, they're still really nice and I'd take those over these any day:
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/RamsTodayIG/status/1258989759256391681 "I’ve already seen the uniforms and I will say this: - Gradient Numbers (home jersey only) - Bone color away jerseys - The horns remain on the helmet, but a modernized version (like you see it on the new logo) - I think it looks really cool imo"
  5. Tried my best to see the leaked logo with regular Rams colors: https://imgur.com/a/WeogT4E EDIT: Some dude on reddit really just posted my crappy photoshop on the Rams reddit as a “leak” LOL
  6. I think that social media and the public would make a laughingstock out of the Clippers if they ever changed their name. They would receive even more heat for the decision if they still are unable to win. The name is iconic, save yourselves from the humiliation and backlash. Just change the logo.
  7. EDIT: Saw a site from twitter advocating for a Chargers move to London but it got taken down Is a Charger move to London plausible?
  8. If the Chargers move to Las Vegas to freeload off of the Raiders' new stadium, it would cement the Chargers as the most pathetic franchise in the NFL.
  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/least-shocking-news-ever-report-says-owners-discussing-chargers-viability-l-173917388.html Could the Chargers move back to San Diego or to a completely different market if this continues to become a growing concern among the owners?
  10. Doesn't seem like it. The logos on the Lakers' social media accounts are still the same ones. Personally I think that the logo is a classic and there's nothing really much to improve on it besides minor fixes. I'd rather keep the logo the same than to see a botched "modernization" of it.
  11. Complete Uniform Schedule (confirms that Color Rush unis will be worn at two games: San Francisco and vs Kansas City in Mexico City) https://mobile.twitter.com/ArashMarkazi/status/1022956805582987264
  12. UNIFORMS OFFICIALLY LEAKED ON FANATICS.COM VIA NEW MERCHANDISE. GOLD JERSEYS REVEALED. - clearer looks at beach towel, pennant, lanyard - additional merch with gold jerseys including keychain, signs, etc. - no tweaks to current logo as shown here All merchandise with new uniforms on Fanatics.com
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