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  1. Too cluttered. Looks bad. With the way uniforms are now. Too tight, no sleeves...there's just no room for patches. And forcing in all of this nonsense just makes it look awful The rally patch is in some long stretched out font. With a period for some reason. The mantra is Play Like a Champion Today. But ok if you want to do Rally have it in the PLAC font.
  2. It's a drab look overall. Not necessarily bad just plain. Their road look in particular for me...way too much red for the New York Giants. The helmets are blue but it seems like everything from the neck down is red It's a drab look overall. Not necessarily bad just plain. Their road look in particular for me...way too much red for the New York Giants. The helmets are blue but it seems like everything from the neck down is red. It overpowers the helmet which for the Giants is where the eye should be drawn. And definitely go back to the blue helmet with GIANTS on it. The lower case ny bunched together just doesn't carry the same punch
  3. You didn't always get the impression watching on TV that there was that much space between the sidelines and the first row of seats. About 35 yards worth (Minnesota's was even worse)
  4. To me it can look good without necessarily matching. I like the way the TV numbers look (classic Was style) and I like the yellow numerals on the helmet. If the helmet numerals were white as they are on the TV numbers...sure it would match but it would be blander. The yellow numbers on the helmet pops more.
  5. This x1000. I remember when the Sens first debuted...I liked the uni but the roads without that white stripe looked too dark.
  6. I grew up at Shea and I was always in awe at how monolithic this place seemed.
  7. Horrendous. I mean this just looks...girly. The designs down the stripes of the pants look like something I'd see at some wedding in India. Not on a football field. Way too busy and not fit for a football field. The number on the shoulder is totally lost in the swirly nonsense
  8. They're very indistinct though. Memories of grandmama and whatnot...to me when I think back to those uniforms at the time it's more the color than the pinstripes that I remember And for some reason I recalled those stripes as popping out a bit more on the jerseys...but looking back...they didn't. And these really don't either. Also for some reason thought they went down to the shorts which they don't (and never did) Those uni's were very much of that era. An MTV rock and jock softball vibe
  9. Head to metlife if you want to see a true generic trash heap.
  10. I would've liked the name and everything to stay, the pressure from a very powerful few forced it. But honestly I kind of like just the Washington Football team with the numerals on the helmet. I like the (Washington Football Team) colors and this is kind of a clean, pure look. Heck I'd be ok if they never even give em a true official nickname. Browns have nothing on their helmets...they can just remain Washington Football. They can just rep the area rather than be associated with something or some kind of animal
  11. A downgrade across the board but not a massive one. All the Rams had to do was pick one of a few good looks and stick to it not redesign anything. But of course (because fire...new drip...fire...fresh etc lingo garbage) they tried to fix what wasn't broken and ended up degrading the brand All I think of with bone is that scene from American Psycho with the business cards Just nonsensical change for the sake of change and none for the better. The helmets are still nice sure, but why take an A+ helmet and turn it into a B+ helmet? Is gradient even in? Or are folks who design bad NFL uniforms just trying to make gradient in?
  12. The guy who brought the WR's in 10-19 trend back was Keyshawn Johnson who for some reason wore 19 when he joined the Jets in 1996. I never warmed up to receivers wearing numbers in the teens. It just looks wrong to me. Frankly I'd rather let them wear 0-9 and 20-29. Leave 10-19 for QB's and kickers/punters.
  13. ugh yea this doesn't look good at all. It just looks dirty, Grimy.
  14. Minecraft is a kids game. The NFL is a violent, dangerous, and entertaining billion dollar gladiator sport.
  15. I do see what you mean. It got off on the wrong foot...christening team of grown men with a cartoonish childrens movie(which I liked) team name is kind of silly. Let the team establish its own identity rather than it being an extension of the movie. Then they went away from it, somewhat...but of course nostalgia beckons even for abominations (Islanders fishermen too)
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