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  1. A downgrade across the board but not a massive one. All the Rams had to do was pick one of a few good looks and stick to it not redesign anything. But of course (because etc lingo garbage) they tried to fix what wasn't broken and ended up degrading the brand All I think of with bone is that scene from American Psycho with the business cards Just nonsensical change for the sake of change and none for the better. The helmets are still nice sure, but why take an A+ helmet and turn it into a B+ helmet? Is gradient even in? Or are folks who design bad NFL uniforms just trying to make gradient in?
  2. The guy who brought the WR's in 10-19 trend back was Keyshawn Johnson who for some reason wore 19 when he joined the Jets in 1996. I never warmed up to receivers wearing numbers in the teens. It just looks wrong to me. Frankly I'd rather let them wear 0-9 and 20-29. Leave 10-19 for QB's and kickers/punters.
  3. ugh yea this doesn't look good at all. It just looks dirty, Grimy.
  4. Minecraft is a kids game. The NFL is a violent, dangerous, and entertaining billion dollar gladiator sport.
  5. I do see what you mean. It got off on the wrong foot...christening team of grown men with a cartoonish childrens movie(which I liked) team name is kind of silly. Let the team establish its own identity rather than it being an extension of the movie. Then they went away from it, somewhat...but of course nostalgia beckons even for abominations (Islanders fishermen too)
  6. I love that old Mark Duper facemask helmet logos. And yea a million guys wore it but I associate it primarily with Duper as he was the last guy who did and I saw him play all the time being a fan of an AFC east team. The 49ers still use the Duper helmet facemasks in their endzones And it works better for the Browns as well. That style of facemask used in the current Browns logo is defunct and wasn't really iconic in any way. Don't like how the helmet is slightly turned too.
  7. Fwiw something may be afoot with the Cardinals as Kyler Murray has commented that he dislikes their outdated uniforms.
  8. The NFL's Cardinals and black anything doesn't mix.
  9. it is but for an official NFL event they would be pretty careful with what he has around and what ends up on camera. There was no Namath era helmet, or the 90's version helmet with the black facemask...but there was the 80's throwback helmet which our fans have been clamoring for some time now
  10. Have to say what is up with all this hyphenation that has been occurring in the past 5-8 years it seems? Or maybe I'm wrong and this is just the normal amount and I just didn't notice in previous decades? One day there's going to be a Stephen DeLamielleure-Stallworth...then what are equipment managers gonna do?
  11. Douglas had an 80's Jets helmet at his desk. Never seen that helmet at any official Jets functions in forever Wonder why? 1 helmet rule thankfully goes bye bye after 2020
  12. I like them They fill out the helmet. That curved bolt going over the top. It was originally there in that location because the jersey number was in the middle of the helmet sides and the bolt sort of frames the number. That was the original, intended look for the Chargers
  13. 6 uniforms is too many. Really I just want the NFL to be a one home, one road, occasional throwback league but mixing/matching is hot right now. But all the looks are great. It's a beautiful uniform. There are no glaring flaws/mistakes that bother me. Even the mono/color looks look fine
  14. Yea good point. Though I'm guessing it's because Coughlin was still a head honcho their at the time, he and he alone probably looked at teal over teal and gave it a big NO. This year he's we'll probably see teal over teal.
  15. They definitely won't go back to their 1960-1993 base look, but a 2020's re imagining of it without any of the bizarre, unnecessary pipings and panels would be very well received