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  1. Also this is a 22,000 seat stadium that seems 1/2 empty. What a disaster. Totally pointless I have no issue with the occasional game out of the country. But only in a location that actually wants to see major league baseball and will fill the stadium
  2. The Ford Cardinals. The St. Louis Fords. Disgraceful Same with the Reds
  3. The Eagles have almost looked blueish-green to me at times. Like a teal green I do wish they'd eliminate the cartoon bird, and cartoon wings from the helmet and go with something more classic. It's just dated mid 90's stuff. It doesn't look bad but it's past its prime
  4. I can live with them. I'm sure there will be some tweaks here and there over time. Maybe just MAYBE they can be convinced to slap the 80's logo on the helmet. But probably not. Some kind of Oregon badass "fire" stuff was avoided. It's acceptable. It's an update on the uni last seen in 1997. They still the Jets to me. It's not a total rebrand like the Sabres in 1996, Isles of 1995. I'm pleased with that
  5. I don't get the Roughriders thing. This is an update to the 1990-1997 set and I didn't hear any association to the Roughriders then. So why now.
  6. Cards are just weird. They still kept the gray facemasks too which just don't work with the mid 2000's look that they sport.
  7. That would make it sort of jagged and messy from a distance. I don't envision any scenario where that can possibly look I'm sure Chris Johnson thought it was badass and put it in there maybe
  8. Frankly I'm almost relieved this is not Bucs, Jags or Seahawks level (if these are the ones). We knew it wouldn't be an upgrade when words like badass and bold were used. Those are code words for garbage. The downgrade was not as bad as expected and I can live with that
  9. To be honest, these aren't laughinstock uniforms. If they're a laughinstock on the field that's one things. But these are kind of meh uni's that will be remembered as middle of the pack meh. Not badass, not terrible. Just...there
  10. Anything other than that or the 80's logo on the helmet is a disaster
  11. Also the fact that they spelled out New York. Why do that and not put it front and center on the helmet. Instead burying it elsewhere on the uni where it would not be that visible
  12. Well a 60+ year old rich guys idea of badass is going to be different from yourrs
  13. This wasn't too far off
  14. Who knows. I mean it would be odd if they had this secondary logo on the cap and a primary on the helmet that's dramatically different.
  15. Could be true if they are putting secondary logos on all draft hats. Are they?