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  1. Well hopefully that means those weird brown shoulder caps are gone, the numbers are no longer off a clock radio, and there are no side panels or pant stripes that fade or come to a point or spell out "Tampa Bay." Also (and I doubt they will) make the helmet logo normal sized again. It's way too oversized now and it stretches too far to the top and around the back of the helmet. Players with certain kind of facemasks and chin straps end up encroaching on the logo. Why was it made that ridiculously big? The old one came across fine and detailed. Nobody was saying it was too small to make out
  2. hideous. I believe that was an Eric Mangini idea? Look like they're wearing ballet tights. Who no stripe coming down the side of the pants? Love the top image and that should be the Browns uniform 8x a year at home. Browns helmet looks better with a white facemask I feel (though it's also fine with gray)
  3. Does the new logo and the style of the horns on it absolutely mean that the iconic Ram horns on the helmet are changing too to mirror the logo? Their helmet is so iconic that could they have left it completely alone?
  4. I agree. The red facemask is too bright, it attracts the eye far too much. Garish to me this is the more balanced, better looking helmet
  5. I'm just curious as to how the Chargers do in the long run in LA. They forced themselves into the city and have not been wanted. Will they pack the new stadium? Their very existence in LA seems so strange and out of place.
  6. I don't even get the impression that it's a sports franchise.
  7. Of all the uniforms that Philadelphia Eagles have worn since 1960, what they have now is by far the worst. There is so much wrong with it that can be corrected quite easily The green sometimes looks (or has looked) blueish green. Actually reminding me at times of what the Seahawks used to wear The cartoon bird logo on the outside of the shoulder pads Cartoon bird wings on the helmet Incorporating black. The numbers on the jersey with the black drop shadow, the font I don't like...the numbers end up looking too "bulky" or heavy looking S Something like this would be an immense upgrade (perhaps created by someone on these forums?) Though i'd still go back to this beauty over the screaming Eagle they have now.
  8. The Chargers original helmets had the curved bolt over large numbers on the helmet. That's probably why they were not straight across or something. To accommodate the number To me it ends up looking fine because it molds to the rounded contours of the helmet
  9. Could part of the Patriots change be a return to a silvery facemask? I thought it looked a lot better on the flying elvis helmet than the red...which is too bright and I feel overpowers things
  10. I know it's been beaten to death but at first glance...yea I do think Chargers bolt. It's got to be a bit more curled and within the frame of a helmet for me to think horn. Too abstract in its design to resonate as a horn The Rams uniforms were a mish-mash, but not an atrocious one. What they needed to do was settle on either 60's era blue and white. Or the classic gold and blue. I hope they don't totally wreck things and make a Tampa Bay like mistake that they're forced to correct
  11. well...yea. But still I'd like to see it in more of a hockey hotbed where the fans can get into it. Where it creates some actual buzz. All Star games everywhere, in every sport, seem to be on collective life support
  12. huh? They just had one in Tampa. And I'm certain they had one in Florida in the 2000's as well I'm sure the players will enjoy this (those that actually go) but let's have one in a hockey city
  13. It could move up from a B- look to an a A- if they just got rid of that horrific fading dots crap running under the arms and down the pants.
  14. It's an eyesore really. The logo that's within the logo just ends up looking fractured. Broken. Not a good look. Not easy on the eyes.