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  1. It's going to have Jets there somewhere. Not just NY. Nothing wrong with NY(it's there now but not prominent), but it seems incomplete without the Jets
  2. They have NY on their helmets now and have for 35 years of their history or so. Albeit it was always a bit obscured and in the background. Also the skyline. Wonder if that is hinting at something?
  3. Those numbers look so...sawed off and unfinished. Also I think we've already established that the numbers were moved back to the top of the shoulders
  4. Honestly I have no idea what Oregon numbers even mean. I'm just glad it's ONLY Oregon numbers and not anything else I'm used to the big #'s when it comes to the Jets. They had them in the 80's. But with the pathetic tiny shoulderpads and spandex jerseys players wear these days you just can't have those big numbers
  5. My sister in law lives in South Carolina and you have a good deal of Skins fans there as well. You see the hats and you see large groups in the bars during the games (they're everywhere except their own stadium) The older Redskins fans raised their offspring to like them as well and the Falcons and later Panthers just didn't have that pedigree. And the Titans didn't exist yet The Gibbs years still have a residual impact. The Redskins fanbase is still there. More dormant than nonexistent
  6. I just can't see the Jets doing a black helmet. I mean it would be an unmitigated disaster even for us The logo that was posted here that "leaked"...doesn't look like something that would go on a black helmet We may be reading too much of what was in that video. Probably just what they were working on at the time and not any sort of Jets foreshadowing.
  7. I'm ok with it. It's a natural evolution. The colors are lighter, brighter. It isn't some zany BS out of the Seahawks, Bucs, or Jags playbook. It looks like it's going to be an update. A cleaned up improvement but not something that will result in us being uni laughingstocks. We're laughingstocks in everything else but that leak gave me hope. Let it be boring, whatever. As long as it's not bizarre. All that ever leads to is redesigns 5 years later
  8. It's just a long sleeve t-shirt
  9. It's really in the Jets hands. Woody and Chris Johnson (current caretaker) but Woody is a conservative 70+ year old man. Maybe he says :censored: it and gives them free reign. Nike can only be a butcher if the Jets allow them to be butchers
  10. Thank god no. And what's with the flame emoji? Does he love and want to incinerate the uniforms at the same time?