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  1. Trying to remember...was it the LA Kings that were the last team to put a logo at center ice? I seem to remember even well into the 90's there was nothing there, though I'm pretty sure they had something there in the 80's for a brief period of time and then went away from it
  2. Uncolored ones looked solid. Though I'm wondering why they scrapped what they had during the scrimmage. Could be that the full painted endzones were too slick and guys were losing their footing
  3. Love the helmets, but have contempt for the rest of the Pokes uniforms tonight. Drab gross dark gray on gray that totally overpowers any orange in these uni's
  4. Fascinating. Didn't know that the Sabres ever took the ice in the old Aud wearing the new uniforms They were popular and sold well. And have their own place in history. But the goat head, the black white gray and red. The various other 90's design just wasn't built to last I have fond memories of Hasek under siege in those uniforms. Just brilliant goaltending. And was always perplexed how Brodeur/Hasek match ups (i'm a Devs fans) actually ended up more high scoring than you'd think following the Game 6 1994 epic
  5. Could be my Jets biases creeping in with Patriot Pete
  6. OSU vs OSU That's all I need on the helmet. Don't need a badge. Don't need giant chrome Robo Pistol Pete Did kind of like matte black and white though As for full bodied iconic as this mascot is for me this just seems like it's too detailed and busy to go on a helmet. From a distance it's a bit tough to make out
  7. Peel off the R and put a bird there and you have what the Arizona Cardinals should be wearing at home
  8. Looking at the Eagles...I still just can't not see tealish green. The Jets are green. The Eagles are bluegreen
  9. Other than 1963 the Jets have never really heavily (or at all) incorporated any sort of jet plane imagery into their branding. So this is keeping in step with what they've always done and I'm fine with that. Regarding the "New York"...I kind of like it. And if you remember the whole uniform unveil was hardcore New York centric. Usually the Jets and the Giants sort of pander to both states but the Jets all out embrace of NY has had some speculating that they're going to make another attempt at building a NY stadium
  10. The image I believe is not from just before he resigned's from 1997 when they first brought Belichick in and then Parcells followed
  11. Get rid of the Orange helmets? That's not going to happen. Nor should it. The fans would be frothing at the mouth irate and I wouldn't blame them
  12. I see the Ravens as the true Browns as they have continuity from Cleveland. But I could also see how longtime Cleveland fans just can't help but to mentally associate the new Browns with the old Browns. They look the same, the old Browns history happened in the same city It is bizarre though how you had the Ravens(Browns) playing in the old Colts Stadium. And all the old Colts players (justifiably) wanted nothing to do with Indy. Their playing history was in Baltimorre. So now they're a part of the Ravens family...which is really the old Browns family which everybody is in denial about That's just weird
  13. I don't have an issue with it. My $ has been wasted on things infinitely more useless and hopeless than sports teams
  14. Will they finally scrap the upper right shoulder uniform number? I mean you have a number on the back, numbers on both sleeves. Numbers on the helmets. Now a FIFTH place for a number on the jersey is idiotic and redundant and I have no clue how this was ever dreamed up