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  1. Wildcat / Bobcat Logo
  2. Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts - Kaukauna, Wisconsin
  3. Callaway Chargers - Jackson, Mississippi Looking for cc
  4. Here's a thread of some of my concept logos. Some of them are for specific schools and some are just generic logos.
  5. thanks so much for doing the Tropics, they're all so funny I can't decide which one to use
  6. I was wondering if I could request a Flint Tropics banner? I loved the Rocky Bobby one.
  7. As a Hornets fan, the jerseys look amazing. Great mix of old and new school. The only thing is I heard when the NBA goes to nike the Hornets and Bulls will use the Jordan logo.
  8. A concept for my old high school. They never used a jaguar logo, they only used a paw print copied straight from Clemson. C&C wanted
  9. I made a little concept for a rival high school of mine. they use the overused bulldog logo that almost every team named the bulldogs use. C&C wanted.
  10. I made a few updates- i added details and shading on the shell, changed the claws, changed the eyes to a more realistic crab, and changed the mouth. C&C?
  11. I was watching Allen Iverson's 30 for 30 and saw his rival school's logo. I researched the Hampton crabbers and found out they still have the same logo. They also have problem with brand control, they use many logos that aren't connected. I attached my concept along with the logos they use. The crabs claw form an H. I feel like I need to change the eyes but don't know what i should do. C&C wanted.
  12. In 2017 the NFL expresses a want for a second professional football league not for competition, but for a compliment. Vince McMahon (founder of the XFL) announce he will start the league and finish what he started with the XFL. McMahon will serve as the commissioner of the league and will sell the each team to willing buyers. The league is set to support 24 teams. McMahon will name the locations of the teams but the owners will choose team names. The league will be played in the NFL offseason. The Chosen cities- Oakland, Orlando, Birmingham, St.Louis, San Diego, Sacramento, Anaheim, Louisville, Albuquerque, Montana, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Jackson (MS), Portland, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Hartford, Virginia Beach, San Jose, Myrtle Beach, New Jersey, Huntington (WV), Destin (FL), Providence. Owners, Names, and Logos coming first. Any suggestions for names will be taken into consideration. Current Conferences East- Orlando Ostriches (theres a reason behind the name) Birmingham Louisville Memphis Jackson Hartford Virginia Beach Myrtle Beach New Jersey Huntington Destin Providence West- Oakland Ink St. Louis San Diego Sacramento Anaheim Albuquerque Montana Oklahoma City Portland San Antonio Salt Lake City San Jose