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  1. Yep, and I completely understand there's a strong contingent of spoiled Steeler fans who act irrationally, which is weird due to the fact that we haven't won a SB in a decade. It does not mean we have to like NE's bratty fans just because we have some of our own. Quite honestly, it's pretty easy to talk a Steeler fan down (unless your a Bengals fan), especially since the "dur hur, 6 rings biatch" argument is dead. You cannot do the same with an NE fan. Only two things make me respect the Evil Empire: their continued greatness and their organically built team. Yeah, they've acquired free agents like all teams, but to last this long with one coach and QB is freaking insane. My main source of hate obviously is from them continually beating the Steelers, in many different ways; I really couldn't care less about the "cheating" or whatever. 3 AFCCG losses will indeed make fans of the loser irrationally hate the winner. Coupled in with many other devastating losses (the 2005 loss as time expired, getting blown out at home in 2010, getting screwed out of the #1 seed in 2017) and you have a recipe for hatred. I also work with a bunch of spoiled Patriot fans who are indeed insufferable. I can't even argue with them because their team beats mine all the time, it's pointless. What I really don't understand is how many fans will somehow tolerate this run by NE yet kick and scream at other runs by teams that weren't nearly as dominant (i.e. the Cowboys). I never had that much hatred for them despite the Steelers losing a SB to them, and I still don't understand why so many people do. They cite the fans and the "America's Team" motto and the arrogance, but the Patriots have pretty much inherited all those things at this point. Outside of Steelers/Giants fans I don't see the seething hate for the Patriots like I do with the Cowboys, Steelers, Yankees, and GSW.
  2. They would also have to generate a bunch of controversy (whether or not you believe spygate/deflategate, those situations still happened), have hordes of insufferable, obnoxious, mostly bandwagon fans (which would come with success), and claim to be an underdog while dominating the league year in and year out.
  3. I probably should've specified that I was using the "you" in a general sense and was not pinning that on you; indeed I agreed with your initial comment (and this one too).
  4. Yeah, I don't buy the crap that St. Louis failed the Rams. If eleven straight losing seasons means the fans failed you, then you're looking at sports wrong. Don't blame the fans for not showing up to watch a crappy team like Lions fans.
  5. Pats win again. Pretty sure most people, including Chiefs fans, saw this coming. My hatred is running thin with the Patriots. It gets futile to think they'll lose (news flash: they won't) so I don't watch unless I expect a good game. Luckily tonight was a good one. At least my Sundays are now free. No way I'm watching Belicheat pimp-slap the Rams.
  6. Game. Over. Ce la vie, Chiefs. You're now added to the ever growing list of playoff victims New England has eviscerated.
  7. Los Angeles vs. New Orleans New England vs. Kansas City
  8. This seems to be something fans are overlooking. Hunt dominated the Pats the two games he faced against them. The Chiefs can't just throw any running back out there and think he'll be just as dynamic. There are only a handful of players to give the Pats fits over the years, and with one of them out of the lineup they will force Reid's offense to be one dimensional. I was at first predicting a close Pats win, but the more I think about it the more I realize it's gonna be a blowout. They'll be in Atlanta in a couple of weeks.
  9. Ok, so like, Tom Brady is 52-16 against the NFC (as already mentioned). If he were in the NFC he wouldn't have had to worry about Rodgers and Brees for the first portion of his career, and he wouldn't have had to face off against the likes of Peyton and Roethlisberger until the Super Bowl (whom he destroyed in that era anyway). Brady in the NFC could have actually been more dominant, not less.
  10. After a week of rooting for the Patriots (thank God I didn't watch that game), I'll go back to my usual hating next Sunday. Which means they'll win 14-12. Saints will roll the Rams and proceed to lose in dramatic fashion to the Pats in the Super Bowl, because NE knows no one will watch a blowout Pats win in the Super Bowl.
  11. At some point the Chargers has to know that slow starts and constant ref help was gonna run out...and it’s fitting it was the Patriots doing the baptizing. Pretenders if I ever saw it.
  12. Colts vs. Chiefs Cowboys vs. Rams Chargers vs. Patriots Eagles vs. Saints
  13. One of the more heartbreaking ways to lose a playoff game, don't think I've ever seen a kick hit both the goal post and crossbar before. Feel for the Bears and their fans for that one. That being said, I'm rooting for the Eagles from here on out. Foles FTW.
  14. Go Ravens. Beat the hell out of the team the NFL wants so desperately to succeed.
  15. Indianapolis vs. Houston Seattle vs. Dallas Los Angeles vs. Baltimore Philadelphia vs. Chicago