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  1. Rudolph will most likely get a fine for grasping the facemask (the standard for that action), but make no mistake, nothing Rudolph did justifies Garrett going complete ape- :censored: there at the end. I mean your beating your arch rival by double digits at home with 8 seconds left, why do you even feel the need to get involved with a scrum anyway? Aye that was bad. He'll be out the rest of the year, Pouncey most likely a game, and Ogenjobi could be as well (for his late, blind-side slam of Rudolph). What a crap shoot that turned out to be.
  2. Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland NY Jets vs. Washington Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Buffalo vs. Miami Dallas vs. Detroit Houston vs. Baltimore Atlanta vs. Carolina New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay Denver vs. Minnesota Arizona vs. San Francisco New England vs. Philadelphia Cincinnati vs. Oakland Chicago vs. LA Rams Kansas City vs. LA Chargers
  3. LA Chargers vs. Oakland - very interesting matchup we got here, gotta go with the home team Atlanta vs. New Orleans Buffalo vs. Cleveland - they have to win another game eventually, right? Kansas City vs. Tennessee Carolina vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. Tampa Bay NY Giants vs. NY Jets - going with the "upset", though I'm not exactly confident Detroit vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Indianapolis LA Rams vs. Pittsburgh Minnesota vs. Dallas - as we saw last week, Kirk still struggles against teams with winning records; That continues here Seattle vs. San Francisco
  4. San Francisco vs. Arizona Houston vs. Jacksonville Washington vs. Buffalo NY Jets vs. Miami Tennessee vs. Carolina Chicago vs. Philadelphia Minnesota vs. Kansas City Indianapolis vs. Pittsburgh Detroit vs. Oakland Tampa Bay vs. Seattle Green Bay vs. LA Chargers Cleveland vs. Denver New England vs. Baltimore Dallas vs. NY Giants
  5. Washington vs. Minnesota Tampa Bay vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Detroit Denver vs. Indianapolis NY Jets vs. Jacksonville LA Chargers vs. Chicago Seattle vs. Atlanta Philadelphia vs. Buffalo Arizona vs. New Orleans Cincinnati vs. LA Rams Carolina vs. San Francisco Cleveland vs. New England Oakland vs. Houston Green Bay vs, Kansas City Miami vs. Pittsburgh
  6. Well, this is quickly turning into a lost season for me...what a shock. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati - weekly Stupor Bowl Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  7. The West isn't the only garbage division, it's the AFC in general. The Ravens lead the AFC North though I still feel like Cleveland is the best team in the division (at 2-4 no less) - there should be no way the Steelers should be in playoff contention after they're horrid start, but they are. Outside of the Empire the AFC East is once again hot garbage (call me a skeptic but I still don't believe in the Bills). The AFC South might be the conference's best division, as the Texans and Colts are both legit playoff teams and while they aren't very good, the Jags are at least competitive. The West isn't great but it's still better than the North, we all know KC's the best team out there, not sold on Baltimore. In any case it doesn't really matter because the conference failed to improve while NE's defense is now reaching historic levels of greatness. It's going to be an ugly January for teams southwest of Connecticut.
  8. There is no team I hate more than the Chargers (yes, I actually rooted for NE against them in the playoffs last year), so to see them lose to the Steelers third string QB makes me very glad for a number of reasons.
  9. You picking Pittsburgh, hbgoo, really doesn't give me faith for my team on Sunday. NY Giants vs. New England Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Washington vs. Miami - The weekly Stuper Bowl Houston vs. Kansas City Seattle vs. Cleveland Cincinnati vs. Baltimore - The Ravens oddly struggle against the Bengals, but they're so bad this year it won't matter New Orleans vs. Jacksonville Philadelphia vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams Atlanta vs. Arizona - Looks like we have two Stuper Bowls this week (side note: this is one of the ugliest uniform matchups in the NFL) Tennessee vs. Denver Dallas vs. NY Jets Pittsburgh vs. LA Chargers Detroit vs. Green Bay
  10. Anyone who takes Richard Sherman at his word is naive or does not know the man. Dude is a classic pot-stirrer.
  11. Yeah, I'd use a word much stronger than "questionable". The medical cart fiasco was arguably worse than the hit itself. I'd say that entire situation encapsulates the Steelers season to this point (and probably going forward).
  12. I would be less vigilant if the NFL called this with any consistency; they seem to only call the ticky-tack penalties and ignore the blatant ones. In the Steelers-Ravens game the refs immediately threw a roughing flag when Rudolph's helmet was grazed (and I mean barely grazed), but when Rudolph is lying on the field literally unconscious it takes the ref a year to consider throwing the flag.
  13. Took the Ravens overtime to beat a third-string, undrafted rookie QB because they knocked the backup, second-year QB out with a dirty hit. If you're gonna act like you won the Super Bowl because of that then by all means go for it. Eh, not quite, the Cowboys do win this matchup more often *ahem* far more often than the Steelers beat the Patriots. I can count on one hand how many times the Steelers have beaten the Patriots in my lifetime.
  14. LA Rams vs. Seattle NY Jets vs. Philadelphia Atlanta vs. Houston Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh New England vs. Washington Buffalo vs. Tennessee Arizona vs. Cincinnati - Looks like this is weekly Stuper-Bowl Chicago vs. Oakland Minnesota vs. NY Giants Jacksonville vs. Carolina Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Denver vs. LA Chargers Green Bay vs. Dallas Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Cleveland vs. San Francisco
  15. Philadelphia vs. Green Bay Cleveland vs. Baltimore Oakland vs. Indianapolis Carolina vs. Houston Washington vs. NY Giants Tennessee vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Miami Kansas City vs. Detroit New England vs. Buffalo Tampa Bay vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. Arizona Jacksonville vs. Denver Minnesota vs. Chicago Dallas vs. New Orleans Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
  16. Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Oakland vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Buffalo NY Jets vs. New England Detroit vs. Philadelphia Baltimore vs. Kansas City Miami vs. Dallas (Oh dear God) Atlanta vs. Indianapolis Denver vs. Green Bay NY Giants vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. Arizona New Orleans vs. Seattle Houston vs. LA Chargers Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco LA Rams vs. Cleveland Chicago vs. Washington
  17. Only a 0-0 tie will be more dreadful than that game. Glad I listened to the majority of that game on the radio instead of viewing it on TV. I like but don't love the move to get Fitzpatrick. On one hand it's excellent, because it fills a position of need with a player who's solid now and will only improve barring injury, and it also addresses a position which the Steelers haven't been able to hit on since 2003 (DB). It's essentially using your 2020 1st rounder on 2018's 1st rounder. On the other hand, this could backfire tremendously if Mason Rudolph bombs and Ben flip-flops on returning. Fitzpatrick may be young, but I don't envision the Steelers winning many games this year - probably the Dolphins, the Bengals (maybe twice), and possibly, possibly, the Bills. The coaching and offensive talent just isn't there.
  18. I guess a top five draft spot is nice. Though I guess it isn't if the dumbass FO is gonna reach on a "project" DB again. Fire Tomlin, fire Butler.
  19. Tampa Bay vs. Carolina Minnesota vs. Green Bay Seattle vs. Pittsburgh Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Arizona vs. Baltimore Buffalo vs. NY Giants LA Chargers vs. Detroit Dallas vs. Washington Jacksonville vs. Houston San Francisco vs. Cincinnati New England vs. Miami (barf) Kansas City vs. Oakland Chicago vs. Denver New Orleans vs. LA Rams Philadelphia vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. NY Jets
  20. I fully understand the reasons why things are this way, however it still doesn't make it right. Just because things are a certain way doesn't mean they should be. Are they going to change? most likely not. But I'm not gonna sit here and act like he's owed or somehow earned this.
  21. 1. I know why he gets away with this s--t, I'm saying he shouldn't, and most certainly shouldn't be excused. Being rich and famous should not make you above the law/rules. 2. Yes, exaggeration on my part, hope you can live with it. 3. I knew, just knew someone would bring this up as a retort. Ben's past doesn't excuse/exonerate AB and his actions, especially when the former has apologized multiple times and the latter gives an apology coerced by the coach and GM (which he later rescinds). Let's also not forget that AB threw furniture out a window nearly killing a kid, the dude isn't just volatile on the field. The man caused this ire on himself. It is not empowering for anyone, especially players, when you can whine and act out on your way to your destination. The NFL is already losing fans, and crap like this only helps to accelerate this.
  22. Yes, continue defending a player who literally threatened his boss. If any normal person did that, we'd be given the immediate pink slip and possibly have charges brought against us. Yet it doesn't matter because "durr hurr, so talented, players gotta stick it to the owner, blah blah blah". This guy acted like a malcontent and is now getting rewarded for it, yet anyone who calls him out is suddenly the bad guy. Whatever. I guess asking for dignity is too offensive these days.
  23. Are you really justifying Big Chest's behavior? He was fined for an unexcused absence, which by the way, would be an acceptable form of discipline in many lines of work. Then Brown decided to post that private business online - again, in what line of work is that acceptable? He physically threatened his boss and called him racial slurs, yet the Raiders perpetrated this? I'm beside myself with this line of thought. Brown is a sleazebag who really does deserve the worst. I feel for the Raiders, but of course the scummiest organization gets rewarded again.
  24. I'm not missing week one like I do every year. Made sure to set my reminders for today. Green Bay vs. Chicago Kansas City vs. Jacksonville Atlanta vs. Minnesota Tennessee vs. Cleveland Buffalo vs. NY Jets Baltimore vs. Miami Washington vs. Philadelphia LA Rams vs. Carolina Indianapolis vs. LA Chargers Cincinnati vs. Seattle NY Giants vs. Dallas San Francisco vs. Tampa Bay Detroit vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. New England Houston vs. New Orleans Denver vs. Oakland
  25. Yep, and I completely understand there's a strong contingent of spoiled Steeler fans who act irrationally, which is weird due to the fact that we haven't won a SB in a decade. It does not mean we have to like NE's bratty fans just because we have some of our own. Quite honestly, it's pretty easy to talk a Steeler fan down (unless your a Bengals fan), especially since the "dur hur, 6 rings biatch" argument is dead. You cannot do the same with an NE fan. Only two things make me respect the Evil Empire: their continued greatness and their organically built team. Yeah, they've acquired free agents like all teams, but to last this long with one coach and QB is freaking insane. My main source of hate obviously is from them continually beating the Steelers, in many different ways; I really couldn't care less about the "cheating" or whatever. 3 AFCCG losses will indeed make fans of the loser irrationally hate the winner. Coupled in with many other devastating losses (the 2005 loss as time expired, getting blown out at home in 2010, getting screwed out of the #1 seed in 2017) and you have a recipe for hatred. I also work with a bunch of spoiled Patriot fans who are indeed insufferable. I can't even argue with them because their team beats mine all the time, it's pointless. What I really don't understand is how many fans will somehow tolerate this run by NE yet kick and scream at other runs by teams that weren't nearly as dominant (i.e. the Cowboys). I never had that much hatred for them despite the Steelers losing a SB to them, and I still don't understand why so many people do. They cite the fans and the "America's Team" motto and the arrogance, but the Patriots have pretty much inherited all those things at this point. Outside of Steelers/Giants fans I don't see the seething hate for the Patriots like I do with the Cowboys, Steelers, Yankees, and GSW.