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  1. Dallas Green managed in eight seasons yet only one was for a full 162 game season, three were shortened due to labor issues, twice he was hired in season and twice he was fired in season Craig Counsell was on both 90s expansion teams that won the World Series the quickest the fifth year 1997 Marlins and 2001 fourth year Diamondbacks both of which were won on the last at bat in game seven and both overcoming a ninth run deficit and in 1997 he scored the winning run and was on base when the winning run scored in 2001.
  2. A few other short stints I can't really consider wrong, Jack Morris with the 1991 Twins pitching that epic game seven and Bill Walton only playing one season and 10 games as a Celtic.
  3. For the NBA the Bulls have had basically the same regular home and road uniforms since 1985
  4. They had plans for the United League during the 1994 strike but never happened.
  5. Another would be the Celtics putting the signature of Red Aeurbach after his death.
  6. I wonder how differently things may have been had Bob Kraft promoted Belichick in 1997 after Parcells left. He said that as much as he got to like Belichick he couldn't bring himself to hire him because of his ties to Parcells and went with Pete Carroll instead. I think it is possible they may have had a similar downward trajectory with him being fired after three or four years as in addition to not having Brady he probably needed a few more years to learn from his prior mistakes in Cleveland and who knows if he ever gets a third shot
  7. One bit of irony Bill Belichick got his first career win both regular season and post season against the Patriots.
  8. I learned something from the comments section on a youtube video of the week 16 Oilers Browns game that that was the first game that year the Oilers played on grass
  9. Ken Behring was a rather lousy owner for the Seahawks, the team went down hill quick, tried to move them to LA and caused ill will that took a while to recover from.
  10. For NBA I would have teams wear a home and away jersey and one alternate if they choose and not have any more of teams wearing like 50 different jerseys a year
  11. With his recent passing, here's Jim Taylor as a Saint
  12. The first three Patriots Super Bowl games were played in the Superdome Tom Brady has played two Super Bowls at the Cardinals Stadium but none in the regular season against the Cardinals as he missed the 2016 game with the Deflategate suspension and his 2008 knee injury cost him his shot to play at Candlestick where he attended many games growing up. All four Super Bowls the Colts have played in have been in Miami
  13. I recall a recent stretch where like 4-5 years straight the team that played the Eagles in their first home game that year went on to win the Super Bowl that year.
  14. Bryan Trottier was on every US team that won the cup from 1976 to 1993, the 1980-83 Islanders and 1991-92 Penguins.
  15. Probably the most notable guys who played for the Red Sox and Yankees would be Ruth, Clemens, Boggs and Damon other guys include Jacob Ellusbury David Wells David Cone Jim Leyritz Kevin Youkolis Derek Lowe Mike Torrez Luis Tiant Jose Canseco Mike Stanley Don Baylor Rickey Henderson