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  1. ‘Beavs’ is terrible and the word mark is unnecessary with the beaver at the collar. I dig the stripes.
  2. It’s on ribbon boards at Target Field as well:
  3. Only the workout jerseys are sleeveless, and it’s not the first time for that. The ASG is white/gray.
  4. They look like they have a rivalry with the Gotham Rogues. Also, the sans-serif ‘1’ looks awful paired with the rest of the numerals. The Bears are the only team that can pull it off.
  5. They had a set ready for mannequins at the press event back in November.
  6. Ottavino looks like a clown.
  7. Many people are saying this is a top notch heat transfer.
  8. Brutal inning for the Rangers equipment staff.
  9. Nikeinc has the “glamour” shots up for their 14 WWC teams. Here
  10. Spring training: Jersey patches use the three letter abbreviation (ARZ/FLA). Painted grass logos use the two letter abbreviation (AZ/FL). Drives me nuts.
  11. Haven’t seen this abbreviation style before. Behold, Dom Thompson-Williams: And yes, I’m watching deep into Spring Training Opening Day, why do you ask?