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  1. Corny photo shoots aside, this Miami/Parley set is beautiful.
  2. I thought Van Pelt and Kurkjian were contractually obligated to cover all things Maryland?
  3. I hope the Clippers tap Mr Cartoon for the jerseys.
  4. Guys still wear non-team colors fairly regularly. Willson Contreras has a Venezuelan-inspired chest protector with a fair amount of yellow. Eloy Jimenez wears red batting gloves for a black/white CWS squad. Lindor and Santana in Cleveland wear multicolor batting gloves.
  5. Needs more adidas logo creep. /s On an unrelated note, TV numbers should be mandatory.
  6. Back in the day when people were falling for (and commemorating) Doubleday’s 1839 :censored:ery. Reds are going with greys tomorrow so we may get a road team in white.
  7. Not too shocking. They went from Nike-fied white/black/volt to a retro shirt honoring the iconic 99 team.
  8. Forgive me if this conversation was held last year, but is USF the first school to hit the Nike/UA/adidas trifecta?
  9. I can’t believe this was allowed on the field. Would’ve been *chef’s kiss* if it caused an E2 on a stolen base attempt.