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  1. I don’t understand pairing the “Major League”-era Indians kit with the early-80s block C hat. Either lean into the entire set, or don’t waste man hours designing it. The Stalinist alteration is bizarre.
  2. Is there a template sheet with the new typeface/numerals? For any of the A-list teams.
  3. You still have all the signposts that display the deep-pocketed ‘honorary’ street name instead of the original. Frig off, Dutchie Caray. I only recognize Hot Mix 5 Way because they rock and Balbo is a dumb name. I’d be gruntled if CPL and CTA fell under this project.
  4. How did Central Michigan’s anorexic number/nameplate set get approved?
  5. Talking just P5? UAB/FAU both look like trash.
  6. Possibly the worst uni matchup of the year. Makes this spotter want to hurl.
  7. Black numbers on a teal jersey on a teal field is an eyesore. Tolerable for a 3p November kick, but both their home sets (this and teal on black) are unreadable for early games. Throw in NNOB and this is probably a bottom five set in the nation.
  8. Corny photo shoots aside, this Miami/Parley set is beautiful.
  9. I thought Van Pelt and Kurkjian were contractually obligated to cover all things Maryland?
  10. I hope the Clippers tap Mr Cartoon for the jerseys.
  11. Guys still wear non-team colors fairly regularly. Willson Contreras has a Venezuelan-inspired chest protector with a fair amount of yellow. Eloy Jimenez wears red batting gloves for a black/white CWS squad. Lindor and Santana in Cleveland wear multicolor batting gloves.
  12. Needs more adidas logo creep. /s On an unrelated note, TV numbers should be mandatory.
  13. Back in the day when people were falling for (and commemorating) Doubleday’s 1839 :censored:ery. Reds are going with greys tomorrow so we may get a road team in white.
  14. Not too shocking. They went from Nike-fied white/black/volt to a retro shirt honoring the iconic 99 team.
  15. Forgive me if this conversation was held last year, but is USF the first school to hit the Nike/UA/adidas trifecta?
  16. I can’t believe this was allowed on the field. Would’ve been *chef’s kiss* if it caused an E2 on a stolen base attempt.
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