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  1. So, after watching the game last night, it occurred to me that the Atlanta Falcons have some untapped potential with their identity, and could actually look really good. Any and all feedback welcome! Here's my fix starting with logo: Falcons Logo Concept by HuntTheJones (Based on the combination of the Throwback Logo & Current Logo) So the first is obvious. Take the old logo that's still so popular among the fanbase (at least the ones I know) and the current logo (which I think is actually pretty good) and combine them for a modernized version to make everyone happy. Up next, turf design: Falcons Turf Concept for Mercedes-Benz Stadium Last night made it clear that the throwback turf design is the look Atlanta needs. That said, there is nothing wrong with the current font style they have. So, sticking with the theme of the logo, find a happy medium. Up next, helmet design: Falcons Helmet Concept Nice and simple, just like the helmet they already have. A gloss black shell with nothing but the new logo on each side gets the job done. Up next, uniform design: Black Home Primary White Road Primary Red Home Alternate This is my favorite part. The basis is that each design is based on the throwback worn last night. Their current design is outdated, and nothing stands the test of time like the classic. So, put the current number font, new logo on the sleeves, and "ATLANTA" in small block on the chest. Keep the same pants design as well, just make the primary the old school silver. Rotate white and all black in the mix so you never get stale. Black jersey becomes primary Home, White jersey goes back to Black numbers, & Red jersey becomes alternate. C&C welcome!
  2. Just a quick photo edit I threw together of Jake Fromm in a newly re-made Nike Kirby Smart Era Throwback Jersey. What do yall think?
  3. Just finished a long-time project of mine and finally ready to post. You can read the whole story behind the concept here: I'm not saying you have to, or trying to toot my own horn, but I encourage you to read as it goes in depth about how and why the logos/uniforms/colors are what they are. C&C appreciated! The Atlanta Peaches Atlanta Peaches Home Uniform Atlanta Peaches Road Uniform Atlanta Peaches Road Alternate Uniform Atlanta Peaches Friday Night Home Alternate Uniform (with Batting Practice Hat/Helmet) Atlanta Peaches "Old Georgia Peaches" Fauxback Uniform (for Sunday Home Games)
  4. Love the Braves look, and love the series so far. Keep up the great work!
  5. To my knowledge, these Gold jerseys for Georgia Tech are new. At first glance I thought they might be practice jerseys, but close up they are definitely the same template as the White game jerseys, ACC patch and all.
  6. Personally, I love Florida's font. It's unique enough to work for them, and be a part of their identity while not being too far from the regular block font.
  7. UGA Football Black #2 Ole Miss Baseball Powder Blue New Orleans Saints Color Rush White #2 Atlanta Braves New Red Alternate #2 Atlanta Hawks White Home #2 Atlanta United Home Kit If you can work them in, but if it's too much trouble don't worry about it: Biloxi Shuckers Home White #2 Atlanta Legends Purple #2
  8. Is there any way, if the Saints win today, that they opt to wear the White Color Rush/Throwbacks?
  9. I agree with the Home Cap being the superior option, but at that point we are just nitpicking. As far as overall update goes, Braves:
  10. I doubt the Tomahawk is going anywhere. As some of the previous posters have said, the even it called Chop Fest, and the Tomahawk Chop has never been more of an emphasis. Last season, at least in my experience at STP, the phrase “Chop On” is being heavily emphasized, even forced, through promos and videos on the big screen as what I can only describe as Atlanta’s version of Alabama’s “Roll Tide.” As far as the uniform “refresh” goes, there are 5 players set to debut them. I’m guessing that’s 5 combinations. White Home - Likely unchanged, as all colors and wordmarks were refreshed last season. The only changes I could really see happening here are: 1. Eliminate the double Outline around the Tomahawk so that it more consistently matches the script. I know this overhauls the logo, but not significantly. 2. Either make the NOB Red with Navy Outline to match the rest of the top, or eliminate it. Grey Road - I don’t think we see any change here, unless they go the way of updating the Tomahawk Outline as I described above, if so you see it in all of the uniforms. Possibility they drop the all Navy hat and just go with the Home cap for all uniforms. Personally hoping we bring back the Tomahawk A hat in place of the all Navy, more on that later. Navy Alternate - Biggest overhaul or gets dropped in favor of a new alternate altogether I think. Replaced the Navy with White Outline to Red with White Outline. Cream Uniform OR Red Alternate - I say 50/50 on if it stays or not. Personally, I think/hope it’s dropped in favor of the early 2000s Red Top (NOT the version with the stars inside the script, but the original) that is an invert is the White Top, and they bring back the alternate hat with the Red Tomahawk A. New/Refreshed Throwback OR Red Alternate (if Cream sticks around) - As far as the possibility of a throwback, it’s likely the Hank Aaron version worn last year becomes a permanent Alternate, but don’t rule out the possibility of one of the Dale Murphy era uniforms (either the Powder Blue or the White with Red/White/Blue striping).
  11. Wasn't really a huge fan of the directions the new AAF Atlanta team went with their uniforms, so I decided to do some tweaks of my own.
  12. Don't know if it's been discussed or brought up, but Georgia will be the designated home team in Red, and Alabama will be in White. Will be a visual repeat from the National Championship Game in January other than the Black CFP end zones which have no coloration for this SEC Championship Game.