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  1. I’m with both you guys minus the teal pants, there are a few things I hope they bring back from the original set. 1. black glossy helmet. I can’t stand the matte trend 2. Teal numbers on the road jersey 3. White pants for BOTH home and road. The black pants were a downgrade and teal pants with a black helmet and white jersey is just gross. 4. Probably in the minority but if they could squeeze a modern take of the jaguars on the sleeve would be ideal.
  2. Lose the orange pants then there is nothing wrong with this set
  3. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The dolphins are a prime example of this. They had a top 5 uniform and identity and they ruined it for a logo that looks like it’s better suited for a spa than an nfl team. It happened before with with the giants, jets and the 49ers, once they realized their identity lacked they went back to what worked in the past. Who can honestly make an argument that the dolphins look better now than at any other period of their franchise? Same with the eagles, bucs and pats, although after 5 titles they aren’t going to change anytime soon.
  4. I’d like Nike to get as close as possible to the inaugural set , even use the older logo. The new one is ok but it looks like a high school logo. I was never a fan of the teal flake and I think matte looks atrocious. These are beauties, I still can’t believe that out of the two expansion teams that the panthers are the ones who haven’t changed their uniforms.
  5. Don’t forget the Marlins, those were a thing of beauty.
  6. To me this is the best the orioles have ever looked.
  7. Am I alone in thinking this set is a bottom 10 in the league?
  8. Any of you who like the abysmal look they are currently trotting out every Sunday I advise you to look up on YouTube the 1996 game against the broncos and tell me that isn’t an absolutely gorgeous looking football game. The original look should have gone down as a classic.
  9. I’d love the marlins to get back to something like this at home. I always liked the Marlins in teal before they started to let all the black creep in.
  10. If they brought back the sock patch, the old striping on their road pants and ditched those horrific matte helmets then I’d say they would give the cardinals a run for their money as the best overall look. The Yankees don’t have a bad look but they have to be the most over rated uniforms I can think of. They aren’t even the top three in their division let alone near the top of baseball. Iconic yes, but best? Not even close.
  11. I don’t get all the love for the matte helmet craze, I think the mlb matte helmets look horrible and are a major downgrade. I hope the jags get this right, go back to the black gloss helmets, I’m ok with the new jaguar logo but lose the patch and go back to something close to the set worn in the coughlin years. I think that look was a contemporary classic.
  12. Probably unpopular but I've always believed this is better than the Yankees home set and is the best home look in the American League.
  13. I've been lurking on this site for years, this topic is the reason I joined. I agree 100% this is the best the jags have ever looked. This in my opinion would put the jags sets as one best looks in the league. Scrap the gold helmets and everything else and go back to traditional late 90s early 2000s look. To me the jags and dolphins are perfect candidates for going full throwback.