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  1. Unpopular Opinion Time: The Jaguars should wear teal jerseys and teal pants as their primary uniforms. It creates a nice symmetry when with the black socks, and honestly, I'm a big sucker for the teal they use. Here's what I think they should wear, all with black socks.


    Teal Jerseys/Teal Pants: ~4 home games a year

    Teal Jerseys/White Pants: ~2 home games a year

    White Jerseys/Teal Pants: ~6 road games a year

    White Jerseys/White Pants: ~2 road games a year, maybe at home but the teal is light enough to be worn in warm weather

    Black Jerseys/Teal Pants: ~2 home games a year

    Black Jerseys/White Pants: Never, its too black heavy. Burn the black pants too.

  2. On 2/15/2021 at 12:53 PM, oldschoolvikings said:


    Each of the 3 current ones would all look better with more of their secondary color:

    Buccaneers: Eliminate black, stay with red/pewter/orange or switch to red/pewter/silver, reintroduces stripes on the jerseys.

    Ohio State: Wear the 1968 throwbacks full time.

    Lions: Change the dark gray on the jersey to silver, I'm fine with the stripes not having silver


    The Seahawks and Cowboys are different examples but I still think they would both looks better with more splash of color. 


    With the teams heavily relying on jersey sales and not pants or helmet sales, why would you not include your secondary color on your jersey?

  3. 1 minute ago, Bruhammydude said:

    49ers should only use red, gold and white. End of story. And no jersey should ever be missing the color the pants and helmet uses.

    I think @SSmith48 puts it best. Make gold pants the primary away combination (which he stated was his plan) and maybe change the number font. This is all San Francisco needs. 


  4. The Rams are the only team I really like in yellow jerseys in the NFL, but i have a lot of teams who I think look or would look good in college football:


    East Carolina

    Iowa State

    West Virginia




    Southern Miss

    Kent State

    Central Michigan



    San Jose State




    Appalachian State


    I think they would all look good in a yellow alternate jersey, I don't really see any of them wearing yellow full time however (not like there's a designated home jersey or anything)

  5. On 1/29/2021 at 10:07 PM, kb105 said:



    So for Saddle Cross I changed up the pants and breezers for the home and alternate sweaters. I also thought that the alternate needed to be more than just a simple color swap, so I added an extra stroke of cream to match the hem stripe.




    So as I said, I am not going to replace the tertiary but just nixing it. Here is the flame, which would theoretically be used for merchandise like hats, shirts, hoodies/sweatshirts, etc. and for media posts like announcements or flyers.




    I decided to use two different approaches for the alternates. For football and basketball I am going to call the uniforms "Ominous Glow", or a green to indigo gradient jersey with green pants/shorts. For hockey and baseball I simply put an emphasis on the green. Hockey gets a squared-off yoke and wrist and hem stripes to match. The numbers on the arms also moved up and the back numbers are now green with a violet outline. Baseball now only has one alternate, the violet one with more green. The green cap can be switched out for the violet cap if wanted and the same for the socks.


    I'm currently working on the next team for the Ozarks conference, but if there are any suggestions for any previous posts, I'm all ears.

    I don't think that the purple numbers on the purple jerseys would be visible enough. But this is a good concept, I like a lot of the unique color schemes you have used!

  6. On 1/17/2021 at 8:22 AM, dont care said:

    Well they wear white jerseys so I don’t know why that matters at all to why they should drop silver.

    My bad, I saw someone was talking about either the Patriots or the Panthers dropping white in the color scheme for silver, and so I was more talking about that

  7. On 1/13/2021 at 7:53 AM, DNAsports said:


    I’ll never understand how the same is never said for the Patriots. The amount of anti silver/white comments towards Carolina is astronomical compared to New England who, just like Carolina, use(d) both white and silver.

    I think both teams should drop silver in favor of white. The only non-white road jersey I like is the cream jerseys used by like Oregon State

  8. Best Look for every team in the Super Bowl, my opinion.


    Packers: Green/Gold

    Saints: Black/Gold

    Seahawks: Navy/Grey

    Washington: Burgundy/Yellow (but they don't wear yellow pants anymore so the next best option is Burgundy/White)

    Bucs: Red/Pewter

    Rams: Blue/Yellow

    Bears: Navy/White



    Chiefs: White/Red

    Bills: White/Blue

    Steelers: White/Yellow

    Titans: White/Navy

    Ravens: White/Purple

    Browns: White/White

    Colts; White/White