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  1. 8 hours ago, Alex Houston said:

    Man, Brewers fans are going to be so pissed when the Cubs soundly beat the Rockies tonight and then come back to win a tough 5 game series versus them in the NLDS. But hey, they got their tiebreaker moment at Wrigley so that's something.


    Do we even have any Brewer fans here on the boards? I can't think of anyone who considers themselves a fan who posts here regularly.


    On a second note, this NL playoff situation is kind of tough to read. I was thinking the Dodgers were going to come out of the weaker league again, but with the tightness between the two Central teams, I got a feeling whoever comes out of that series is going to take the series. Don't know why, cause I have limited knowledge on the Dodgers and their lineup, but it's just the feeling I get.


    Eh. Go Astros I guess. 

    I am