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  1. Probably fake but sick if true.
  2. Got Mike Reiss looking into it, he said he hasn’t heard anything about silver pants returning yet.
  3. Anyone able to confirm the Pats silver pants? I’ve tried asking a few reporters on Twitter and nothing.
  4. So if these are legit, where do the Patriots rank now? Top tier uni IMO. I’d like to see mono blue be reserved for a primetime game or two and do silver on the road for a game or two. Blue on silver and white on blue for the rest.
  5. Oh thank god silver pants!!
  6. They’re nice, I dunno about the color rush being the new road tho but maybe it’s fine. Orange as the new primary makes a lot of sense considering tigers are obviously orange. I guess you could is the new black?
  7. Make it happen
  8. I’m amazed that he’s still in the NBA. Guy seems to show up on a random team every year. He’s a cockroach.
  9. Looks like the Boston jerseys are staying for Patriot day. For a game or two, alright. I don’t really have a problem with them now that I know that they’re for the marathon.
  10. Thought it was parody at first. Where is the yellow coming from...?
  11. Pats in grey is a major downgrade (especially now that red has overtaken silver in the color scheme). As is the Chargers, that yellow face mask is great.
  12. Pats need to fix their home uni and add silver pants now that they’re good again.
  13. I’m fine with Broncos in orange but, they should change their road jersey. It’s made for a navy home jersey.
  14. Houston’s earned should be their new statement, would anybody be opposed to that?
  15. Are these ones accurate? Different colors than what Conrad posted.
  16. Celtics looks pretty much the same as the statement in that photo aside from the striping. Did they change it from green to black?
  17. Hmm nothing on LockerVision still
  18. Hmm great point, maybe they’ll be wearing em.
  19. Hmm wonder when the earned are being released. Gotta be any day now.
  20. That wasn’t the case originally. LockerVision had orange vs red a few days ago
  21. Ah the McDonalds jerseys. Those were great.
  22. Glitch in the system lol? How did nobody notice?