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  1. What will the Packers wear?
  2. If we use recycled/not used nicknames: LA Sharks Houston Hurricanes Seattle Kings Tampa Bay Mutiny (just kidding) Chicago Hitmen (or Enforcers)
  3. And so did Seattle. And let's not forget about the Seattle Kings who tried to get the Seattle expansion franchise in 1974. Also of note: When the NFL and AFL merged, the Jets were to move to Memphis and the Raiders to Portland. Pete Roselle tried to convince Paul Brown to go to Seattle instead of Cincinnati.
  4. Don't forget Eagles' owner Norman Braman wanted to move the team to Phoenix. And lest we forget the Seahawks to LA?
  5. Ah, but Minneapolis had an AFL franchise before the NFL swooped in.
  6. Interesting about Washington. The have the Warriors name trademarked. As for the Baltimore Bombers and St. Louis Stallions, I have the prototype uniforms for both teams. Champion branded.
  7. It would be nice to see the Packers-Raiders and Packers-Chiefs wear their uni from SB I and II
  8. Locked away in a vault, I have the prototype Baltimore Bombers and St. Louis Stallions uniforms.
  9. Seattle Kings...Tampa Bay Bandits....Washington Warriors (so the NFL team has it trademarked...use it or lose it)...
  10. I am referring t the 60's uniforms and the 70s with the large black pants stripe.
  11. Maybe for you. Relevant for me.
  12. Well, if I was a team owner, I would not want to g back to a uniform that represented a bad time in history. Hence I doubt the Steelers would ever consider white pants or the yellow shoulder/yoke they wore in the 60s. That's why.
  13. Problem with the powder blues.everyone and their mother wants them. Great! Did you know the Chargers were one of the worst teams in the NFL while wearing the powder blues and they had a huge, huge drug problem? That would be like the Falcons going back to their early 70s uniforms when they were horrible because the fans wanted red. How about thee Steelers with white pants circa 60s and 71-71? Another horrible team. Would the Steelers go back to those? Powder blues should be burned. They represent a bad time in Chargers history (and I know, a good time as well). Ditch them.