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  1. If we use recycled/not used nicknames: LA Sharks Houston Hurricanes Seattle Kings Tampa Bay Mutiny (just kidding) Chicago Hitmen (or Enforcers)
  2. And so did Seattle. And let's not forget about the Seattle Kings who tried to get the Seattle expansion franchise in 1974. Also of note: When the NFL and AFL merged, the Jets were to move to Memphis and the Raiders to Portland. Pete Roselle tried to convince Paul Brown to go to Seattle instead of Cincinnati.
  3. Don't forget Eagles' owner Norman Braman wanted to move the team to Phoenix. And lest we forget the Seahawks to LA?
  4. Ah, but Minneapolis had an AFL franchise before the NFL swooped in.
  5. Interesting about Washington. The have the Warriors name trademarked. As for the Baltimore Bombers and St. Louis Stallions, I have the prototype uniforms for both teams. Champion branded.
  6. It would be nice to see the Packers-Raiders and Packers-Chiefs wear their uni from SB I and II
  7. Locked away in a vault, I have the prototype Baltimore Bombers and St. Louis Stallions uniforms.
  8. Seattle Kings...Tampa Bay Bandits....Washington Warriors (so the NFL team has it trademarked...use it or lose it)...
  9. I am referring t the 60's uniforms and the 70s with the large black pants stripe.
  10. Maybe for you. Relevant for me.
  11. Well, if I was a team owner, I would not want to g back to a uniform that represented a bad time in history. Hence I doubt the Steelers would ever consider white pants or the yellow shoulder/yoke they wore in the 60s. That's why.
  12. Problem with the powder blues.everyone and their mother wants them. Great! Did you know the Chargers were one of the worst teams in the NFL while wearing the powder blues and they had a huge, huge drug problem? That would be like the Falcons going back to their early 70s uniforms when they were horrible because the fans wanted red. How about thee Steelers with white pants circa 60s and 71-71? Another horrible team. Would the Steelers go back to those? Powder blues should be burned. They represent a bad time in Chargers history (and I know, a good time as well). Ditch them.
  13. Player contracts are always considered assets and hence for tax purposes they depreciate over a 3-year period – the given "life" of an NFL player. However, it depends on the language in the standard player's contract. Are they bound until the league releases them? On n the face of it, if the AAF is not allowing NFL/CFL teams to sign players, is that not restraint of trade? They would have to be paid as per their contracts to be bound to a club. If they are not paid, then the contract is null and void, right? I really, truly feel badly for all those who gave their passion to the league to make it something. I think the a**holes who did this to the league sold people 5 lbs of fertilizer is a 1 lb bag. Did anyone plan for a doomsday scenario? No. of course not. Was DumDum vetted? No, of course not. If he was, the would have known about his dealings with Banco Santander. I thought the games were going well. I saw more and varied advertising. The NFL had bought into it (not monetarily of course). And Polian should have known better after going through this with the Chicaho Blitz. And I feel bad for Hines Ward, Jared Allen, etc.
  14. I would have liked to see what the AAF's worst-case attendance scenario was. Did they do a cost analysis of advertising versus levels of attendance? As long as they had to plan, I don't think anyone did plan.
  15. Pollen had to know what was going on. He went through this with the Chicago Blitz. You can't tell me he wasn't aware of what was going on.
  16. Is this any different than Theranos? The only difference here is that Elizabeth Holmes is delusional. She thinks she did nothing wrong and the science will prove her vision right. Not so much for Ebersol.
  17. So would have the WLAF Ohio Glory for the Patriots as a second or even third.
  18. Why? Carolina blue is Carolina! Panthers are black. Silver is just an accent color.
  19. Think Memphis Express. No blue to red fade. Use a white shell, use new green and darker green for jet. Green helmet: silver or black/white.
  20. I was born in the Bronx, grew up in Queen, live in Brooklyn. I have been here all my life and I understand the politics of the City and sports more than most, so please don't lecture me. I almost moved to Jersey City. Thank goodness I didn't. Jersey City is "vibrant"? Not so much. Go up Columbus or Grove towards the highway. Or hang a right at the Grove Street PATH station past the City Hall and the 3 or so blocks of high-end places. Tell me what you see. I was a diehard Jets fan when I was growing up. I suffered with the Jets in the 70s and early 80s, usually sitting in the end zone at the open end of the stadium. Once Hess pulled his garbage and the Jets left for Jimmy Hoffa's burial place, I said good riddance. I have not attended a game since. I can understand the Giants. Robert Moses was unwilling to build a stadium for the Giants (Van Cortland Park I believe, and he wanted the Dodgers to move to Queens – what became Shea). Jersey is nothing more than a leach to Philadelphia and New York. The Jets don't pay New York State and New York City taxes. They are not New York. End of discussion. This is about the ugly Jets uniforms, not a political thread. Please keep to it.
  21. Pay NYC/NY State taxes and we're good. If the Bengals played across the state line in Kentucky, what would you say?
  22. Really? So you mean because I was born and raised in Queens (and attended games in the old Shea Stadium, and suffered through the 70s with them) and live in Brooklyn, I wouldn't know this? Sorry. Jersey is Jersey. want to use the NYC name? Come practice here. Pay taxes. Then you can use the name New York. The Jets' offices are in Jersey. So is their practice facility. So is their stadium. Case closed. I will never, ever step into their stadium.