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  1. Howard Simple court for the Bison, and I think the alt logo fits better and it more interesting. Thoughts? GIVE FEEDBACK
  2. South Carolina This is my favorite court I have done so far, give me some feedback. I'm begging for as much feedback as possible, I love when I see comments on my thread.
  3. Massachusetts Please give a comment or feedback, I want a lot of comments. Please comment and give feedback
  4. American I couldn't find any woodmarks for American, so I used the university font. The 'Washington, DC' at the top is also an American U font. Thoughts? Please give feedback or requests, I want as much as I can get.
  5. Also, stop using NBA lanes/paint. Use college, as it's college courts, correct? Don't get me wrong, some teams have the side stripes, but the lanes are always college.
  6. Appalachian State Give feedback on courts please, thanks!
  7. The Jacksonville water out-of-bounds area is hard to explain how I did it. I don't really remember how I did it. Can you send me the LSU logos you want me to use? When do you then I will make it
  8. What should I add for fix to my court? Let me know, I want as much feedback as possible
  9. Seton Hall I went with a popular logo (the building) of the University itself, so I thought why not. Kind of replicating Virginia Tech' court with the building.
  10. Davidson Made something different. I made the wood the shape of the logo, just to change it up and experiment
  11. Longwood I thought that to make the Longwood court less boring (since their only bright color is a navy blue, with only grey and white to pick from a color pallet), to recreate Minnesota's current court, but with Longwood logos. I feel that this makes the court since not many courts are grey, and they don't have many colors to choose from, so it makes the boring cream color of a court different. This also fits better with Longwood than it does Minnesota as this is one of their main colors. Thoughts?