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  1. Should I make some football fields? Or should I stick to basketball courts?
  2. Template is made by DarthBrooks, all rights to him
  3. This dude couldn't spell San Francisco even after someone told him how to spell it..smh im shleep cuz this dude salty 'cause his courts suck compared to mine....
  4. smh. You're funny you know that...
  5. lol I was thinking of a joke someone said where NYC was not the capitol of NY but instead Albany...I will not make an Albany skyline as it's not too reconcilable.
  6. I don't understand this court...this is the U.S. Army "court" on a college thread...what does this mean?
  7. Yes...I use wood marks now if you look above (for most...if I have troubles with Wand I use text.) This was an older court
  8. Yeah idk how to fix my psd to make it college. I have been trying to make conference logo's smaller. I will adjust.
  9. Dude stop copying other people's comments I know what your can't even spell San Francisco correctly even after someone spelt it out for you...
  10. Cut down on the white you don't need it on every team, like K-State.
  11. America East I think I blew myself away. I felt as though this court was a good way to end off today and the America East confrence. What do you guys think about this court and the America East courts?
  12. UMass-Lowell The America East is done! I know you guys have been saying to slow down, but I only had a couple courts left in the AE, so I finished. I will make a conference court to cap off the conference, and get it out of the way. One more court for today, then I'm done...I promise
  13. Albany(2) Which Albany court do you guys like better and why? Felt as though the first was a little busy so I wanted to make another with their primary logo. Thoughts?