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  1. DAMNIT MIAMI You were supposed to go 0-80-0. I know you're at least in the lottery, but you barely have any chance. Now Ottawa 2 is going to get him. The Stingrays cant even tank right
  2. I think its board rules that you have to put a concept up first. As for a city. I think Portland is good for Maine.
  3. Name: Tom Hudson Age: 49 City: Des Moines, IA Occupation: Owner of 2,000 acre mega-farm Voting For: North American Football League Why: Allows for teams from Canada, and has a separate identity from Major League Baseball.
  4. Will the UBA now use 2 Divisions East Baltimore Louisville Cincinnati Pittsburgh West St. Louis Kansas City San Diego Las Vegas Or will it still be open going. Also, I like the Soul logo, even if it is simple.
  5. I'm thinking dark green (turtle), tan (sand), and teal (ocean) for the tortugas.
  6. With Johnson in the white house, I wonder if the eventual Vietnam army draft will affect the NDA/CDA
  7. I'll rank them 1. KC (larger than Buffalo, not too far west) 2. Buffalo (closer to the rest of the current teams, but smaller than the other two expansion cities) 3. Stay in Raleigh (it's not the best choice, but at least travel would be cheap) 4. Seattle (WAY TOO FAR WEST)
  8. I like that there is a logo chart for the CDL. But I wish the logos could be on a white background with the "Canadian Driveball League" text in red; that way, the logos can stand out.
  9. Just did an inflation calculation, and DAMMMMMMM $600 mil (in 2019 dollars) for a basketball team in the fifties? The BAA is loaded.