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  1. Why put "sleeve" stripes on these? Strpes on the shoulder pad sides that simulate sleeve other than that...I agree with most everyone else...throw in the white stripe etc..and these very good.
  2. Thanks...I have no idea where to go here
  3. Also...the only other uniform I've done is this. If London ever got a team via expansion or relocation and they changed the name....I went with a "Bulldogs" theme...kind of an obvisous name...but I was going for something traditional and in this case, I wanted to avoid the union jack colors of red white and blue. I figure a team from London ought to have a stoic, strong look and not be a gimmick. I wanted the look to feel like the London team were big they know they dont' need to be splashy to belong......kind of like the New York Giants look...nothing gimmick, just a bold look that projects power. To that end, I created these....again...not trying to be gimmicky...Dark Navy and brownish gray (similar to the Georgetown University Hoyas) Also thought this color Combo was something that really doesn't exist in the NFL and wanted it to stand apart. Thoughts? Comments? Thanks for checking it out.
  4. I'm new to this place and I am not a professional graphic artist. I made these using a concept I'd seen and then opening it in pain so I could edit it and make changes. Basically what I have here is my idea to modernize the Kansas City Chiefs uniform. The Chiefs have a classic look and strong brand due in large part to making very few and only then, very minor changes over the years. If you watch a Chiefs highlight film from 40 years's not easy to tell that the uniform has changed at all. People in KC are aware and sensitive to this (as is the ownership group) With that in goal here was to update the look without losing diminishing the brand or the tradition. The Helmet isn't shown becasue nothing changes. What I did change: 1. Removed the sleeve striping. (NFL uniforms don't have sleeves anymore. A LOT of teams need to quit trying to put stripes where the armholes are) 2. Replace the generic block font numbers with official "Chiefs" wordmark font instead. 3. In place of sleeve stripes, have placed a two town arrow on the side of the shoulder. 4. Pants striping is now a two tone stripe on the pants that also matches the two tone arrow on the jersey. 5. Added a small two color "KC" center of chest. Made YELLOW alt jersey and pants. There is INTENTIONALLY no black incorporated into these. I am not a fan of black for blacks sake in uniforms and this set is about RED and YELLOW. I believe getting rid of the sleeve stripes and updating the font bring this look up to date without compromising the clean classic look. Let me know what you think. Thanks!