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  1. Typing doesn't work on mobile for me. I need to type into the notes app and then paste it into the browser
  2. I feel like a New York team should be allowed to do this on the 20th anniversary. It's 1 game, it's not anything egregious. If it turned into an everyday thing I'd be against it obviously, but today is just different, ya know?
  3. It's obviously the same stripe pattern as before, they just modified it for a full panel. I don't get why it's such a contentious issue.
  4. This was the dude who's such a dick that when he sued a former teammate for defamation, the judge basically said "Nothing could possibly lower your public reputation more" and dismissed the case because he's undefamable, right?
  5. Someone told me it had to do with how old baseball cards looked or something. Like a navy and red team would look more royal and pinkish in the cards graphics. I doubt the color scheme is changing
  6. If the Gophers unveiled unconventional hockey uniforms, the Cake Eater suburbs would riot. Actually, the thought of Edina not existing anymore *might* just make that worth it.
  7. It looks like a early/mid '00s arena league football logo
  8. They never wore them during my lifetime so I have no nostalgia for them. They just look better than the Eli era stuff
  9. Any guesses on how the trademark battle with the roller derby team will turn out? With the OG Guardians selling merch now it might get tougher. It would be the most Cleveland thing ever for them to bungle a name change
  10. I do understand it's not about culture or basketball appeal or what feels right. I was just stating my opinion as a guy who grew up on the edge of the great plains watching the Big 10. God forbid I give my opinion from a fans perspective on what I'd like the conference to do, even if I know it probably won't happen. Not everyone with an opinion is an idiot that doesn't understand what's going on if the opinion/hope isn't in line with what's probably gonna happen
  11. Kansas and Iowa State to the B1G feels right. Having Hawkeyes vs Cyclones as a conference rivalry game will just make it way more intense. Plus Kansas would really bolster the conferences basketball appeal. They at least make more sense than Maryland and Rutgers did from a cultural perspective
  12. FIFY. Mainline (progressive) protestants want nothing to do with them
  13. I can't wait for the 2030s when the SEC gets obliterated by some bone headed Texan rube
  14. They are fun aren't they? The Twin Cities metro is close enough to the Wisconsin border that 100,000+ Wisconsinites live in its suburbs.
  15. College sports as we know them are gonna change for the worse. It's one thing to have unprecedented dynasties, it's another to obliterate the regional aspect of conferences to jam as many good programs as possible into a conference
  16. My uncle has a Harmon Killebrew card from before the Twins moved and it says Nationals on it. The original DC AL team flip flopped names, and then the second one solidified senators. So the Nats name is a sort of revival
  17. NGL, that why I like the logo so much. Idk why, but it just feels right as a dorky sleeve logo
  18. I like the winged G. It adds a little bit of camp and retroness to an otherwise plain (albeit not as plain as it's predecessor) set. I can see t-shirts with it "faded" selling well
  19. So basically they know its bad enough that they don't want to record it in the team picture, but they still chose to wear it when the season started. Ugh
  20. Would losing A&M be worth it if they get UT and OU? I'd certainly think so. Leaves room for OK State
  21. They left their parents at age 14 in search of a better life. Eventually they take up an apprenticeship with a master designer and toil away for years, perfecting their craft. Eventually, when they're good enough, they try to join the local guild and set up their own sports branding design shop. As it has been done since the 1600s on this continent
  22. Honestly having a prepped contingency might have looked even worse from a PR perspective. Imagine the years of ignoring protests only for them to have a fully formed alternative ready the entire time. That would have been conceding they knew it was wrong all those years.
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