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  1. Vipers/Wildcats is actually a good looking game and all TB had to do was switch pants.
  2. Yeah I dig this as well. Not seeing the Chargers lightning bolt like most others are. It looks like the Rams horn. A bit stylized, but a horn nonetheless.
  3. I’m that somebody and... this confirms my suspicions. Need to see this thing in its normal state. The colors are the only thing I have an issue with as far as this hat is concerned.
  4. I think the logo is fine. I like the new horn, although I wish it curved a bit more under like the old horn. The main issue I have is the coloring of it on that hat. I see navy, Royal blue, white, and electric yellow? It looks like it’s made to look like a neon sign. Maybe that’s part of some neon series of league hats. I need to see it flat in its real colors.
  5. Maybe try the LA in blue, and make the background white? The one color looks great. You can clearly see it’s a horn in this context. I don’t see a Chargers logo in the rumored logo, but it was hard to see a horn because it doesn’t curve as hard as the current. I like this because it reminds me of a modern version of the 1949 horns with the notches.
  6. That’s actually pretty solid, all things considered. I hate when NBA or NFL put out the “we messed up, our bad” statements because nothing will ever come from that. Knowing that guy won’t be running the show for future games is something at the very least.
  7. 3 seconds probably wouldn’t matter, but that’s still time on the clock. The refs missed that. XFL with its first controversy. Whoa.
  8. This game has been a banger. Looks like Houston might survive if the Dragons can’t play like they did in the 1st half.
  9. DC looks great going white over red. Tampa looks better in the actual football stuff though.
  10. Pretty good set of games today. Gonna have to get these boys some type of preseason next year so the first few games are better.
  11. The primary is sick! I love the skull and crossbones treatment for the mask and axes. The only thing is if this is meant to exist in the current XFL those colors won’t work. I’d get rid of the black and lean into orange, yellow, and white.
  12. QB1 didn’t play week 1, and basically had his first real reps in week 2. And apparently their old defensive coordinator was holding them back as well. Down a bit in LA this week.
  13. Looks like it filled in a little more with the typical late LA arrivals, but still looks less than last week. Shame because their boys are putting in work. Looks like Winston Moss’ moves after week one are paying off.
  14. Really seeing the blue now. I thought it was purple for the longest time. Mostly in their logo. That’s what it is! I knew they reminded me of something. Garcia used to be the man for the Dragons. I miss AFL 1.0 so much.
  15. So much for Anthony Johnson and Rashad Ross’ revenge game. LA has controlled this whole thing so far. Cardale not looking right at all, and Josh Johnson looking like a guy that is healthy and got reps.
  16. St. Louis showed up for their team, and the BattleHawks beat the brakes off the Guardians. Good for them.
  17. It’s outright amazing all things considered. Hope they keep it up because things look bleak for that squad, even with that much better performance.
  18. Oh no!!! The only turnover of the game comes from miscommunication between the Vipers QB and WR. What a wild finish to a great game.
  19. Interestingly enough he seems to be finding success right now as the deep and outs guy.
  20. I’m with you on the V logo. I like it too, but the snake head logo isn’t even close to the cobra so no worries there.
  21. I’m kinda digging what ESPN is doing with the team logos in their graphics package. The green part of the Vipers “V” has a snakeskin patten on it, and the Roughnecks oil derrick has bolts and a metal-like finish.
  22. I think the smart move would be to see if the league can make it through the third year Vince has planned to take losses through, and then talk expansion. There might be more money at play by then as well if the networks decided to do a deal.
  23. Sure, then the AAF fell off a cliff in week 2. These number suggest the XFL might avoid that fate, for a little while anyway. It’s possible the Alliance might have had better viewership with that consistency, but they didn’t. I’m not going to punish the XFL for taking their time, and getting that consistency with the broadcast networks.
  24. Well that’s cool. It is the Pro Football HOF and not the NFL HOF after all. For those still wondering why they didn’t choose the typical alt league cities like the AAF:
  25. Looks like they did pretty well on tv as well. XFL seems to be doing alright for itself regionally, but no national numbers yet. There are a number of reasons for why this may have happened: Blues play more often, the XFL is new, STL fans mad about the Rams watching in spite, etc. Still, it’s nice to see for these guys.
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