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  1. Should've watched that one at home... ?

  2. @AntiqueiPod AKA, what a game in Vancouver feels like to half of the NHL. :P

  3. RT @Gnash00: Thanks to the @RiverKings for having me and the @PredsEnergy last night. Nothing better than Southern Hockey!…

  4. Another @NHL ref struggling with object permanence...

  5. FWIW, quarterbacks don't lose to each other. Tom Brady never lined up across from Nick Foles. It's like saying Gro…

  6. Who thought promoting this tweet was a good idea? @DianeBlackTN

  7. RT @KarleeKanz: WHO DID THIS. #SuperbOwl

  8. @Outlook Yes, I'm signed out every morning when I get to work. Using Chrome

  9. RT @RiverKings: Raise your hand if you're ready for tonight's #RIverKings Coach's Show at @mariascantinaMS! @tj_chillot will talk to Coach…

  10. RT @narcokitty404:

  11. Congrats to USA Today on their new television network. Way to pivot to video.
  12. RT @DavidKHarbour: 125k retweets. Provided date works with s3 shooting schedule, I will get ordained and perform ceremony. I get to read…

  13. Aaaaand we have an SNL f-bomb!

  14. @TomAWillis He's definitely a goalie. Probably calculates his GAA and PCT while in the crease, too.

  15. RT @samtpage: The Titans won a playoff game and Scott Hartnell scored a goal for the Preds...

  16. RT @pixelatedboat: Wow, this extract from Wolff’s book is a shocking insight into Trump’s mind:

  17. The announcement of a USL team in Memphis coming on Monday: The Redbirds are involved somehow, and I've been told their branding was done by Studio Simon concurrently with the baseball team's new look.
  18. RT @MsTexas1967: they tried to make me write a haiku but I said no no no

  19. RT @k_zookk: We’re 2 years away from the roaring 20’s and if you think I’m not gonna party like Gatsby from 2020-2029 then you’re absolutel…

  20. RT @dril: my friend the only crypto currency you wanna get your hands on is this: bird seed. There is a lot of birds and they all gotta eat

  21. #TheLastJedi might be even better after a second viewing.

  22. @JArmstrongTBFL

  23. RT @thenatewolf: If Star Wars is a "space opera" then anything can be an opera. Air Bud is a dog opera. Beethoven is also a dog opera. We h…

  24. this is just freaking awesome, imo

  25. "#ThreeBillboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" is much funnier than I expected.