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  1. The Columbus Crew have sent out an email inviting people to attend a party on October 8, at which they will unveil a new logo. Proof below. And here's a link to the MLS subreddit thread from earlier today in which the original email recipient made the news public. Start your speculation now!
  2. There are two factors that make a bad contract bad, and they're both the results of collective bargaining: salary caps and roster limits. Each one creates scarcity: you can't have too many guys on the roster, and you can't pay the team too much money as a unit. A contract becomes "bad" when the value or time promised to the player precludes a team from bringing in better replacement talent. A contra asset, if you will.
  3. Shmee London 2 Name and colors TBD
  4. Shmee Milan 1 Sportivo Milan Colors TBD, probably Red/White/Green
  5. Shmee Düsseldorf Club Name TBD Red, White, & Blue
  6. If you're getting married on May 3, the time on the clock should be 5:03! The perspective on the clock feels funky to me, though. Not quite right. Also, congrats!
  7. With it pointing straight up, all I can think is "rocket ship" instead of "jet fighter." I echo the previous sentiment about trying it turned. It's well rendered, though!
  8. I'd say St. Louis and Tampa bay are 1&2 on mls explanation lists 1- What's an explanation list? 2- lolwut? Based on any actual information?
  9. I think this is a great start. The soccer ball is very well rendered, I like that a lot. But, I think it gets really busy around the ball. I don't think it needs 13 stripes AND 13 stars.
  10. That was so witty! I find Mike & Mike to be the least offensive sports talk show on during my morning commute, so they get my listen. They don't rely on being intentionally controversial or just plain loud. The "Golic is fat and stupid" meme is really played up more during their commercials than any other time- Golic often provides interesting and relevant commentary from the athletes' perspective. They air nationally, so I get to hear sports talk about teams that aren't just in my market. And, here's the big one: They do not take callers. Sports talk show callers are generally the least interesting people in the world. To me, that's actually a decent radio show. I spent a summer living in Las Vegas and ESPN Radio airs Colin Cowherd during the morning drive time there. It was the worst. All that said, my commute now is about 15 minutes. When I was driving 45+ minutes each way, I switched to podcasts and audiobooks. There is NO sports radio show that is bearable for that amount of time. As for the logo, I'm not sure I'd ever even seen the old one before. I catch these guys on the radio, not TV. I'm surprised at how much the new one varies from the standard ESPN color scheme. Interesting.
  11. Bad news. Only one photo was taken at that game, and it was of a Michigan helmet, not a jersey.
  12. It refers to the practice of cutting the buds of flowers off of certain plants before they have a chance to bloom. This is done to encourage the growth of fruits or leaves instead, which are of more value as food sources.
  13. "Go forth and set the world on fire." is a quote from St. Ignatius Loyola. Most people who see that, especially high school students, will think it's a reference to a song by Fun. That's not a good thing. "Turn off the computer." posted above a computer lab. What? Strike two. I can guess, pretty confidently, that the inside of that mailer says "Go Exploring!" Better than "Go to Canisius!" at least. It's a weird advertising campaign for a small, private, Roman Catholic college. It's a weird campaign for any college, really.
  14. I'm with you on Wigan being top of the class, and I don't think it's even close. I might move Hammers ahead of Chelsea, something about their crest that I really like, but I think those are also my top three. Leicester's also got a great look, and I see they were the only Non-PL team to crack your Top 7. Putting these crests all together does highlight just how tragic and jumbled some many nearly all of them are, though.
  15. Stoked about the deal as a Rangers fan. The purchase price turned out to be a lot lower than it was at the trade deadline, and I think they're getting a steal here.
  16. Dynamo's stadium is finished, and it looks to be a keeper. And they're really owning orange. Like, hardcore.
  17. Interesting that you put a positive spin on this because of the nicely organized logos. The first time I saw this image it was being mentioned in a negative context due to "the illusion of choice." All those brand names, but all the money flows back into ten companies. Funny how that image can have such different meanings to different people.
  18. Manning to the Broncos is a done deal. There are implications of that deal, such as "Get the out, Tim."
  19. I'm not sure I see the distinction between being against what someone is and hate. Once upon a time, there was a racist tree. Seriously, you are going to hate this tree. High on a hill overlooking the town, the racist tree grew where the grass was half clover. Children would visit during the sunlit hours and ask for apples, and the racist tree would shake its branches and drop the delicious red fruit that gleamed without being polished. The children ate many of the racist tree?s apples and played games beneath the shade of its racist branches. One day the children brought Sam, a boy who had just moved to town to, to play around the racist tree. ?Let Sam have an apple,? asked a little girl. ?I don?t think so. He?s black,? said the tree. This shocked the children and they spoke to the tree angrily, but it would not shake its branches to give Sam an apple, and it called him a . ?I can?t believe the racist tree is such a racist,? said one child. The children momentarily reflected that perhaps this kind of behavior was how the racist tree got its name. It was decided that if the tree was going to deny apples to Sam then nobody would take its apples. The children stopped visiting the racist tree. The racist tree grew quite lonely. After many solitary weeks it saw a child flying a kite across the clover field. ?Can I offer you some apples?? asked the tree eagerly. ? off, you goddamn Nazi,? said the child. The racist tree was upset, because while it was very racist, it did not personally subscribe to Hitler?s fascist ideology. The racist tree decided that it would have to give apples to black children, not because it was tolerant, but because otherwise it would face ostracism from white children. And so, social progress was made. ? Alexander Blechman, The Racist Tree
  20. The mayor of Quebec City, Regis Labeaume, has announced on Monday in a council meeting that the municipality should go name an offer next April looking to the realization of the labor of the Colisee. The candidates will have to engage to respect the norms of the NHL during the labor. So, Quebec takes the forefront in the eventualty where a team in the league should install itself in the national capital. So basically, the city is going to approve a construction bid in a month and they're going to renovate the Colisee to NHL standards so that Quebec City is the leading candidate for the Coyotes. So hey, there we go. Quebec considers itself the Capital of Canada?
  21. Shmee

    Name That Font!

    The script font above. Thanks in advance!
  22. I wonder if that disclaimer applies to ALL depictions of the of the Empire State Building, or just this one in particular. I tried looking up "ESBC logo" and "Empire State Building Company logo" to no real success, but maybe this is just a rendering that the ESBC uses and WWE is borrowing? I agree about the ESB being so iconic to New York that it ought to be impossible to claim trademark protection against an original rendering of it.
  23. Yeah, but don't they still consider themselves the "Worldwide Leader in Sports Entertainment"? And Gatorade is a Sports drink. Should we discuss their logo as well? Actually... yes? We'd certainly all go into a kerfuffle if Nike or Under Armour changed their logos. There are lots of companies on the periphery of sports whose identities (apparel manufacturers, everpresent energy drinks, etc.) are closely intertwined with the products we see on the field and could definitely be considered for discussion in a sports logos forum. I don't know that I'd put a new Alaska Airlines logo in this forum just because Just my two cents. What amuses me more than anything else is that the butthurt folks who can't stand the idea of a WWE logo being discussed in this spot actually take the time to respond, tell us how butthurt they are about it, and subsequently bump the topic back to the top of the page. This isn't Reddit- there are no downvotes here. If you don't think a topic is interesting or worthy of discussion, just ignore it. Or, God forbid, use the Report feature if you're really and truly offended. Every response saying "this doesn't belong here" just sends it back to the top of the stack and calls more attention to the subject. So, LOL.