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Padres Scripts


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I am doing a massive Padres project to be posted once I have a few done.I had posted in the request thread if anyone had any in vector to save myself time,but

yesterday I broke down and just started making them myself.They will be posted in the Padres logo page soon but until they are here is what I have finished now,the 1984 Padres scripts in the home and away styles.If anyone wants to use them in any way even if you re-color them fee free.The 'S' is a little off,but I've had AI for 2 weeks so you gotta cut me some slack on that.Enjoy!!



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Thanks for the props guys...really means a lot.Now I plan on going back and doing all my previous concepts in the new format,but just WAIT and see the project I'm doing all these scripts for.I will be doing all of the Padres' scripts in the next week that Chris doesnt already have so he can post them as well.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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