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Pens sleeveless concept


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here i go with sleeveless stuff again...got a gold underjersey and a black one, a fact i illustrate with the alternate blues in particular. parrot, show em *grabs cloth, flies over*



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Also, is that P just a redone copy of the Philly X-Line F?

no, it's an original. the only problem is the first time i did it a while back (that one, i never released, sadly) it was so much better than this version that it's not even funny. looking now, i hate how it turned out, ruins a good jersey.

I don't see how or why's it's gotta be sleeveless...

STL, blame that sleeveless leafs jersey CCM was selling for a while last summer, the idea's one i fell hard for. the how=the three-color shoulder stripe is the end of the outer jersey armhole. worn underneath would be either a gold or black jersey that would resemble a practice jersey and would be worn by itself during warmups. i thought about showin those off too, looks like i'll do that.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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